Beauty must-reads from across the web

In our endeavour to uncover breaking beauty news, we come across a lot of content that we might not get around to reporting on but we still think is worth sharing. So why not take some time to catch up over a cuppa? Here are five industry articles we've been loving from across the web over the past week.

B&T - Zenith forecasts growth in beauty ad-spend
B&T reports that growth in global beauty ad spend will rise from -1.2 per cent in 2018 to 2.7 per cent this year, and will reach 4.7 per cent in 2021, according to Zenith’s Beauty Advertising Expenditure Forecast.

The Guardian - 'Sheet masks are the new plastic straws' – the movement to streamline your skincare
For a long time beauty routines only seemed to get more elaborate. But thanks to environmental concerns – as well as questions about the effectiveness of layering products - some corners of the industry are finally arguing that less is more.

Today - Ellen DeGeneres, Sandra Bullock take on internet scammers over fake beauty ads
The Hollywood duo filed a joint lawsuit to fight companies they claim are using their likenesses to create fake ads to sell beauty products.

Bloomberg - Influencer Nation: 86% of Young Americans Want to Become One
Social-media influencing has become such a part of life for young Americans that an overwhelming majority say they are interested in getting paid to promote products on sites such as Instagram and YouTube.

South China Morning Post - Skin food: how traditional Chinese medicine is driving millennial beauty trend
Ingredients used in traditional Chinese medicine are increasingly found in beauty products as part of the ‘beauty from within’ trend and sales of beauty-oriented food supplements are increasing, especially in the United States.