Tools of the trade: Must-have buys for a flawless look

Welcome back to BEAUTYDIRECTORY's monthly series – where each BD member puts the latest must-have products to the test.

Last month we tried budget friendly beauty buys – you can read that HERE. Next up? Tools of the trade: A look at some of the beauty industry's best tools and treatments to try at home.

Read our honest thoughts below, and why you should give these goodies a go yourself. After all, once you see the BD Tried & Tested badge, you know we've given it our stamp of approval.

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Glam By Manicare® heated lash curler - Aja

What we think: I sadly wasn't blessed with long, luscious lashes – quite the opposite really. So a lash curler is a staple for me and the latest addition from Glam By Manicare® is really upping the ante. The heated silicone pads warm safety to gently lift and curl lashes in just seconds. I've found my mascara applying so much easier and lashes holding a curl all day (like what!), which is just game changing in my eyes!

Ella Baché Great Tanning Mitt - Tiarne

What we think: As someone who doesn't use tan that often and had a special occasion coming up, I was looking for a mitt that was super easy to use. And this one landed on my desk at the perfect time! It smoothed out the tan very easily and didn't leave behind any nasty streaks or disclouration, which I have noticed with other mitts in the past. My hand stayed in place the entire time, as the mitt was super grippable. The perfect way to keep tan off my palms!

Yves Saint Laurent Retractable Lip Brush - Sam

What we think: This compact black retractable lip brush is perfect to keep in your hand bag for on the go touch ups. With its signature gold YSL branding and silky soft bristles this will be my new go to tool for smooth and accurate lip colour application. The retractable feature keeps the brush hygenic and once closed can fit easily into any small wallet or bag.

muk Haircare Style Stick 230-IR - Caitlin

What we think: This hair straightener has really changed the game for me. It is lightweight and super sleek in black. It heats up super fast with the cermaic plates having the infrared red lights imbedded so it only takes me one time to glide the stick down my hair to get the perfect finish. Unlike other straighteners on the market it doesn't damage my hair which is fantastic as I tend to use a straightener two to three times a week.  

Swisspers Dual Cotton Cosmetic Tips with Paper Stems - Tam

What we think: Not only has Swisspers been 'Earth Kind' in creating cotton tips with stems that are plastic free, but the Dual Cotton Cosmetic Tips are also soft and strong and as far as I am concerned are a must-have for makeup application and mishaps.

LUMISKIN™ Kasi Thermal Care Silicone Cleansing Device - Deb

What we think: This cleansing device is the perfect shape for getting into the contours of the face, and especially my usually problematic T-Zone area. I usually use an oil cleanser that is applied to dry skin and recommends massaging for one minute; adding the Kasi to this routine is a game changer and gave me a much deeper cleanse. The refined shape of the Kasi meant I could easily cleanse around my nose and it gave me good control around my eye area so I didn't have to worry about getting product in my eyes. Having a quick and easy face massage while I cleanse is a little every day luxury that I won't be giving up any time soon.

De Lorenzo Elements Sandstorm Dry Texture Spray - Eleni

What we think: This sandstorm in a bottle was a lifesaver between washes or after the gym. It instantly reversed the signs of any grease or oil and helped to give my hair texure, without stickyness or unpleasant residue. The powder gave my hair a refresh and helped me achieve the messy, effortless, textured look. It's not gritty or sticky, but helped me to achieve voluminous hair between my usual washes. It was super easy to brush out at the end of the day and left my hair tangle free! This product had my three day hair looking fresh and brought it back to life.

Nutrimetics Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Massaging Tool - Issy R

What we think: If you're like me and are prone to puffiness around the eyes, this is the tool for you! I used this in conjunction with my serum, oil or moisturiser. I used the Rose Quartz to gently massage under my eye area outwards, to stimulate circulation and help tone my muscles. It can also be used to massage the whole face! The tool helped to eleviate tension around my eye area, to reduce the puffiness and help brighten my overall complexion.

Giorgio Armani Kabuki Brush - Issy D

What we think: The Giorgio Armani Kabuki Brush applies all powder based products in an even and smoothe application. I particularly love this tool with powder bronzer, and it never ceases to amaze me when it comes to a blend. On top of all this, the brush is ever so gentle on my sensitive skin and allows for a flawless finish to any look.

Manicare® dermaSOOTHE Massage Globe - Marsha

What we think: MANICARE® DERMASOOTHE MASSAGE GLOBE has been such a lifesaver to keep my face contoured and de-puffed after a night out! I loved the cooling effect as I gently rolled it all over my face. I especially noticed a reduction around my chin and under eyes. My skin also look more fresh and glowing in the morning.

Urbane Mess Beard and Hair Trimmer - Adrian

What we think: This shaver is light and compact, making it a convenient on-the-go tech tool. The two comb attachments give you four shave lengths, making this device really versatile, and it felt safe when used without a comb for a close shave. Being battery operated means I don't have to remember the charger if I'm travelling so this will definitely become my go-to shaver for those weekends away.

Bondi Sands GLO Matte One Day Tan - Deep Bronze - Alicia

What we think: The new GLO Matte Deep Bronze One Day Tan has a lovely deep bronzed colour similar to the eight hour Bondi Sands tans, but in a 'No-wait' wash off formula that applies evenly, stays on throughout the day and looks great.