Tried & tested: Oil control

Helping fix everything from acne to excess oil and shine, the BD team reviewed some of the best products keeping skin high and dry this month.

em&mary Coastal Naturals Micellar Cleansing Wipes - Sam
What it is: Cleansing wipes that are enriched with purifying and pore refining extracts from Australian wattleseed and Tasmanian Sea Kelp to gently wipe away impurities and remove makeup.
My experience: These beautifully fragrant cleansing wipes are gentle on my sensitive/oily skin and are a convenient and effective way in which to remove my (many) layers of stubborn makeup at the end of the day. I only need one wipe to remove makeup from my entire face and my skin is left feeling smooth where other wipes sometimes leave that stripped and dry feeling behind.

Generation Clay Urban Defence Purifying Pink Australian Clay Mask - Jess
What it is: A purifying and clarifying clay mask formulated to fight acne causing bacteria, as well as defend against environmental aggressors.
My experience: I usually lean towards sheet masks when I’m mask shopping, but I was excited to try something new with this Generation Clay mask because I'd heard rave reviews from so many people. When I first put the mask on, there was a significant tingling sensation which subsided after about 30 seconds and then it started to harden and tighten as it dried. After I removed it my skin looked brighter and my chin pimples had diminished a bit which is always a plus. I’ll definitely be using this as part of my weekly routine.

Proactiv® Green Tea Moisturizer - Caitlin
What it is: A lightweight, non-greasy, non-comedogenic moisturiser that helps soothe dry skin without clogging pores.
My experience: This moisturiser was fantastic to incorporate into my daily skincare routine. Rich in mineral and botanical extracts including green tea, it easily absorbed into my skin to hydrate as I do get very dry in winter. I found I wasn't getting oily throughout the day and didn't need to reach for powder to touch up my makeup.

Murad Blemish Control Oil Control Mattifier SPF15 - Jamie
What it is: A non-comedogenic moisturiser that immediately mattifies and controls oils.
My experience: My skin is most definitely on the oilier side, so I am always searching for products to help mattify my skin. I was excited to give this a go as it is mattifying and has SPF coverage, which can be hard to find! I used this with and without makeup over the top and it definitely kept my oils at bay for a few hours. I always get an inevitable shine eventually but this one made a significant difference. I am excited to continue using this product.

Syrene Skincare Aqualight Moisture Gel Lotion - Tamara
What it is: A face and neck lotion that is infused with marine active ingredients, as well as antioxidants to help protect the skin.
My experience: I loved the packaging of this product – the box is baby blue with a rose gold embossed font and has an image depicting a shell on the box. The bottle is sleek and easy to use as it comes with a pump for easy application. I tried this product morning and night for a week and found my skin to be much more hydrated and soft which is fantastic as the cooler weather had dried out my skin completely. The lotion is light, and absorbs quickly and it has a light scent. The fact that the main ingredients are marine and natural are a huge bonus as well.

Blessed by Nature Pure Balance Matte Moisturiser - Dragana
What it is: A moisturiser that hydrates the skin while controlling excess oil and preventing pores from clogging.
My experience: In recent months I have been very conscious when making decisions with products that I use on my face and body. I love that this Blessed by Nature Pure Balanced Matte Moisturiser is all natural which was a big draw card for me. My skin felt so nicely moisturised after application leaving my skin feeling so fresh, smooth and hydrated. After just a few morning applications I felt my skin feeling more balanced and calm.
I also loved the fact that the bottle had a pump applicator.

Dermalogica Oil Free Matte SPF30 - Emily
What it is: Part of Dermaloguca’s mediBac clearing range®, it protects skin from the four main concerns which contribute to adult acne.
My experience: I am so impressed with this product! I wear SPF every day to protect my skin but find that when I use an SPF sunscreen and moisturiser before applying makeup my skin gets way too oily throughout the day. I tried the Dermalogica Oil Free Matte SPF 30 and will never go back to another product! The UV Smart Booster Technology makes the UV protection more effective as it encapsulates essential antioxidants vitamins C and E into a microcapsule that only activates when exposed to UV rays to deliver enhanced photoprotection when it’s needed most. It is ultra-lightweight and has a powdery finish that lasts all day and keeps my oily skin at bay. 

Synergie Skin Ultimate A - Tiarne
What it is: A powerful essential night serum formulated to assist in regulating skin processes.
My experience: I’ve been looking for a new vitamin A serum to add to my skincare routine, and this one is a real winner. It is formulated with stablilised retinol, which means it’s gentle on the skin but still delivers all the amazing benefits of vitamin A. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and not only has it made my skin firm, soft and supple, but it has helped eliminate acne flare ups while controlling oily skin. As recommended by Synergie, in a couple of months, I will gradually (and steadily) introduce Acceler-A, which is Synergie's stronger vitamin A serum that has a six per cent Retinext complex.

BIODERMA Sébium Cleansing Foaming Gel - Issy
What it is: A daily cleansing gel that thoroughly cleanses combination to oily acne-prone skin.
My experience: Applied daily, the gel gently removes excess oil, leaving my skin purified and clear. Formulated with zinc and copper sulfate which gives the product a blue colouring, this soap-free and alcohol-free formula left my skin feeling clean, tightened and matte. 

Bioré Blue Agave + Baking Soda Whipped Nourishing Detox Mask - Erin
What it is: A face mask that is suited for combination skin that helps soothe and condition, while eliminating impurities.
My experience: This face mask felt so minty and cool when I applied it to my face, which I loved! I have the most classic combination skin (oily on the forehead and dry on the cheeks etc) so I jumped at the chance to try this one out. My pores are constantly clogged, and this mask was very effective at detoxifying and purifying them. They actually look a lot smaller now, which has given me so much more self confidence. Super easy to use, you only need to keep it on for a couple of minutes before washing it off. My skin was left feeling hydrated, nourished and looking glowy.

Alpha-H Clear Skin Kit - Steph
What it is: A three-piece kit that includes: Clear Skin Daily Face Wash, Clear Skin Daily Hydrator Gel and Clear Skin Blemish Control Gel.
My experience: I’ve been a long-time fan of Alpha H products; so having the chance to sample these products was great. The cleanser is made to prevent future breakouts, it smelt nice and didn’t strip the skin while still leaving my face with a clean and purified feeling. The potent ingredients in the Hydrator Gel help to prevent breakouts while conditioning and softening. After using my skin felt hydrated and I trusted that the ingredients were doing their thing to prevent any pesky pimples from appearing. The Blemish Control Gel is perfect to use on active imperfections as a spot treatment, popping this one on a stubborn spot overnight helped soothe, reduce redness and helped to control and minimise the breakout.

Aveda Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant - Molly
What it is: A liquid exfoliator formulated to remove dead skin cells from the surface, leaving skin smooth, clean and prepped for serums.
My experience: I had never used Aveda skin care before so I was excited to try this. The first thing I noticed, keeping with the tradition of the brand, was the botanical and herbal scent. It was refreshing to use and helped feel like I was treating my skin wholesomely. A little of this solution on a cotton pad helped remove dry and dead skin build up and instantly left my face feeling smoother, cleaner and looking more radiant. I believe this exfoliation helped my serums also as they could penetrate the skin further, leaving my overall complexion feeling and looking nourished and bright.

Clémence Organics Refining Cleanser - Rachel
What it is: A cleanser that removes impurities, whilst also soothing, nourishing, and leaving skin feeling refined and restored.
My experience: I’ve been making more conscious decisions with my skincare lately as my skin started acting up leading into winter. I was so excited to try this natural and organic cleanser, with the formula enriched with geranium, patchouli and rose for balancing; and bearberry extract for brightening – which has given the product a lovely and fresh scent! The consistency feels so silky when I apply it on my face and once wiped off, it leaves my skin feeling clean yet nourished. I really believe this has helped balance out my skin again, as I’m seeing less oil on my face throughout the day and I haven’t experienced any breakouts! The efficient little pump-system and cute, sturdy packaging is also a bonus. I will definitely continue using this cleanser and am super happy it’s agreeing with my troubled skin!

Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray - Oil Control - Alicia
What it is: A spray-on primer that helps to absorb excess oil while creating a smooth and lightweight canvas for flawless make-up application.
My experience: This spray-on primer has been working wonders for me! It’s the first spray-on primer I’ve used and I was pleased to see that the mist comes out ultra-fine and settles nicely into the skin. I’ve been using it regularly, prior to applying my makeup, and I have noticed a huge difference to how flawlessly my makeup goes on and also how long it makes my makeup last throughout the day without seeing my face go oily. I also like how it’s formulated to prevent redness, which is a concern for me during winter, whilst also keeping uneven skin tone and large pores at bay. This is a keeper in my routine.