Tried & tested: On counter November

The BD team road-tests all the new and noteworthy products hitting stores this November.

Sisley Paris Phyto-Teint Ultra Eclat - Poppy
What it is: This is an oil-free, long-lasting foundation that works like an oxygen boost for the skin. Upon application, the skin is hydrated and looks fresher and more radiant. With its anti-pollution, antioxidant active ingredients, Phyto-Teint Ultra Eclat works like a shield to protect the skin from environmental factors.
My experience: This foundation worked so perfectly with my oily/combination skin and stayed put all day, even in the recent humid conditions. The slightly matte texture means that you can make the most of bronzer and highlighter for a super summery glow. All in all another lovely launch from beauty Sisley Paris.

JooMo Vegan Face Wash - Issy
What it is: A two-in-one vegan face wash that cleanses and moisturises at the same time.
My experience: This reminds me of Christmas pudding in a bottle! Having a beautiful cinnamon and spice scent, it’s 100% naturally formulated. Suitable for all skin types, it effectively soothed my skin, leaving it hydrated and soft. This formula is perfect for treating conditions like eczema, acne and allergy prone skin. 

Dr.Hauschka Hayflower Cardamon Cleansing Lotion - Tamara
What it is: A cleansing lotion that is perfect for relaxing skin in the evening.
My experience: I've been using this Hayflower Cardamom Cleansing Lotion in the shower a little over a week and my showers will never be the same. Packed with enriching precious oils, I found it not only to hydrate my skin, but also transform my shower experience. The strong scent of cardamom was reminiscent of a warm chai latte, that lingers long after. The smooth concentrate gives comfort to the skin and knowing it is organic further makes it a winner in my eyes!

Eau de Juice Love, Unfiltered Eau de Parfum - Rachel
What it is: A floral, gourmand and fruity fragrance packaged in a collectible juice box bottle.
My experience: I’m such a sucker for quirky and cute packaging; this juice box bottle is definitely eye-catching and looks great on display! The fragrance itself is also one that I personally love. It has top notes of red berries and mandarin; middle notes of wild freesia and star jasmine petals; and base notes of blonde wood and amber – it’s very playful, fun and feminine; my perfect summer scent. A few spritz in the morning before I leave for work lasts beautifully throughout the day. It settles on my skin as a lovely woody floral aroma that lingers! I will definitely continue to reach for this scent throughout summer.

Eylure Cashmere 04 Lashes - Caitlin
What it is: Luxuriously soft, weightless lashes that are artisan crafted from 1000+ dainty fibres.
My experience: This was a perfect addition and fantastic to have on hand during the upcoming party season. With glue included, it had 18 hour hold, lasted all day and well into the night. It was easy to apply, high quality and was not extremely long like other dramatic lashes which becomes a bit too much. These lashes had a layered look which gave it more dimension and people thought I had professional eyelash extensions done. It is reusable for up to 15 wears so will be keeping this close to me throughout this christmas season.
ECOYA French Pear Car Diffuser - Deb
What it is: A car diffuser that has been designed to sit unobtrusively on a car vent, while subtly scenting the vehicle with one of ECOYA’s most iconic fragrances.
My experience: This is the most compact and aesthetically-unobtrusive car diffusers I’ve seen. And it doesn’t compromise on fragrance strength! The pod fits securely on any aircon vent, and the sleek black casing looks elegant and chic. The scent is easily recognisable as pear, and the recyclability of the scent pods are definitely a bonus!

SKIN DOCTORS™ Wrinkle Freeze - Kim
What it is: A treatment designed to stimulate the effect of cosmetic injections that works to reduce wrinkle depth, roughness and the signs of facial ageing in the forehead, brow and face. 
My experience: The Skin Doctors Wrinkle Freeze comes in a small silver bottle that has a pump at the top and has a very light pleasant fragrance to it. As per the directions, I simply applied the product twice per day to my forehead (and patted and massaged the product into my skin) and found that after only a week or so I could see slight signs of improvement.This product works to relax the muscles so with continued use it will likely have the best results.

Mavala Switzerland Ultra Violet Pouch - Tiarne 
What it is: A limited-edition makeup pouch for Christmas, filled with Mavala Switzerland products.
My experience: First of all, I love the super cute makeup pouch! It’s small enough to use on-the-go, but at the same time it easily stores all the essentials. The products inside are also great – they're all you really need to achieve your best look. I found the mascara to be really lengthening and great for adding volume, with the eyeshadow crayon delivering the ultimate glowing look to my eyes. The makeup remover gel was very quick and efficient in removing eye makeup and I absolutely adored the nail polish as well (so pretty!). All up, these products exceeded my expectations and I love having them all together in one handy little pouch.

Ella Baché BOLD Collection - Skin Discovery - Eleni
What it is: A limited-edition skincare set for Christmas, filled with Ella Baché skincare products.
My experience: I used this as a nighttime ritual to cleanse my skin and hydrate it while I slept. The cleansing milk is super watery in texture, it worked well to remove the majority of my makeup from the day and left my skin feeling clean and hydrated. It didn’t foam or become soapy. Following this I used the serum, which was once again, very watery. I liked this as it felt light and sunk in to my skin quite quickly. I locked in all this moisture with the Creme Jojoba. This was thicker, more like a sorbolene cream, and smelt so good. It says to layer it over your skin, so thick was good. I went to bed looking so very shiny, however it all paid off in the morning. I really did enjoy the trio of these products and found that together they worked well to make my skin feel fresh and hydrated by morning. The sizes of these are very convenient and great travel sizes. This pack would be wonderful for someone wanting to get in to skincare or test the products, as for that price point, it is well worth it.

Dermalogica Body Collection - Georgie
What it is: A collection that helps create aromatherapeutic, completely customised and healthy spa experiences in the comfort of the home.
My experience: Who doesn't enjoy a relaxing and restorative evening at home? The best thing about this collection is that you can make a real ritual of using the products. From the body wash to the thermafoliant scrub and the conditioning body wash, there's everything you need to make the most of bath time. I loved the sensory journey that the products took me on, with the inclusion of natural sea salts, oils historically used in Turkish Hammams as well as Korean botanical extracts and antioxidants. They're such a pleasure to use whether in a quick shower or a longer, more luxurious bath.

Glasshouse Fragrances Scent Scene™ Duo - Sam
What it is: A duo of limited-edition fragrance diffusers for Christmas that includes: Night Before Christmas and Lost in Amalfi diffusers.
My experience: The Glasshouse Christmas ranges are always beautiful and the geometric kaleidoscope packaging on this year's products makes me want one of everything! The Scent Scene duo pack includes a bespoke metal vessel to hold two sets of Glasshouse's new Scent Stems. These stems resemble traditional diffuser sticks but don't require any liquid as the fragrance is infused in the stems themselves! This pack comes with five Night Before Christmas stems and five Lost in Amalfi stems and is an absolute game changing product this Christmas! I can't fault this product!

Alya Skin Foaming Micellar Cleanser - Hayley
What it is: A foaming micellar cleanser that is infused with watermelon seed and essential rose oil.
My experience: This super gentle foaming cleanser is not only made in Australia, but also vegan and cruelty-free. I used it after a long day of work and gym, and it did well to wash away the makeup, sweat and impurities of the day. It foams nicely and is quite a thick foam when dispensing, but then dissolves quickly when rubbed onto the skin. I did feel I needed to use a few more pumps, however it is super light and felt hydrating rather than drying. I like the baby pink packaging and with the lid being quite secure, I will most likely pop it in my gym bag and use it for after gym cleansing.