The desk edit: What's landed on our desks this week

Welcome to The Desk Edit – a feature here at BEAUTYDIRECTORY, where the editorial team share the products hot off their desks.

Whether it be new launches or tried and true favourites, these products are worthy of sharing.

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Keep on reading to find out what team BD has to say about these offerings...

Sebastian Professional Drynamic+ Dry Shampoo – Aja's pick

I have been on the search for an A+ dry shampoo, and I'm happy report Sebastian Professional Drynamic has received top marks. I have notoriously oily roots, with dry ends, so I don't want to over wash my hair to created even more dryness. This offering instantly refreshes my hair, helping stretch out the days between washing. It also adds texture and helps revitalise my blow-drys. I don't find it leaves any cast behind and just blends into hair easily. If you're looking to up your dry shampoo game, this is a winner. 

Lady Jayne Paddle Scalp Brush – Scarlett's pick

I recently purchased the Lady Jayne Paddle Scalp Brush, and it has truly transformed my hair care routine. The brush is made from 100% naturally sourced maple wood featuring rounded wood bristles, an ergonomic handle and large paddle. The soft yet firm bristles effortlessly detangle my long thick hair without pain or breakage. I’ve tried a lot of different hair brushes in the past and it has been so satisfying using this brush daily and not dealing with the usual tug of war when it comes to brushing my hair. The brush is also versatile enough for both wet and dry hair, distributing any serums perfectly after a wash. It works great for blow-drying my hair and provides a gentle scalp massage, promoting healthier hair growth. I highly recommended it for anyone who wants smooth, tangle-free hair! 

CIRCA Oceanique Soy Candle – Rachel's pick

The CIRCA Oceanique Soy Candle is one of the best year-round candles and specifically, the one I’ve been reaching for during the cold winter snap in Sydney. As an ode to ocean breezes, this candle mentally transports me to a beautiful, sunny beach every time (where I would much rather be!) With the refreshing blend of orange blossom and bergamot paired with the warm, luxurious notes of patchouli and sandalwood, this candle fills the room with a lovely, fresh scent reminiscent of summer. The jar itself is equally beautiful with its timeless, quiet luxury aesthetic that I love having on display at home. Lighting this candle is an instant mood lift.

Dr. LeWinn's Eternal Youth Jellyfish Collagen Hydrating Face Mask – Sarah's pick

The winter months have seen some of my best hydrating skincare finds to date and my most recent discovery is the Eternal Youth Jellyfish Collagen Hydrating Face Mask by Dr. LeWinn’s. As the weather cools down, my usual skincare routine doesn’t cut it in terms of hydration – so I often have to incorporate a bi-weekly mask. I have always liked Dr. LeWinn’s, as it’s an Australian brand founded by one of the world's most renowned dermal surgeons, Dr. Laurence LeWinn. His formulas are backed by science and his brand fueled by the desire to empower women to look their best. Dr. Lewinn’s products have had many cycles throughout my family home addressing my skincare concerns, all the way through to my mum and grandma – cementing the brand as an absolute staple for me. The mask is rich in collagen, jellyfish extracts Juveleven peptide and hyaluronic acid – a lot of powerful ingredients packed in there! It leaves my skin hydrated and supple and my complexion glowy and clear. It retails at $9.95, which based on the premium ingredients it holds, I thought was pretty reasonable! If you are in the market for a new staple sheet mask this one is a must.