Why influencers are key to independent beauty brands

Over the past few years influencers have increasingly demonstrated their willingness to support emerging brands. This has been especially true in the beauty industry where there's been a recent surge of indie disruptors that promote clean, organic ingredients and wellness.

With the corresponding rise of mid-tier influencers – who hold the most appeal among the younger generations – smaller beauty brands can now have a piece of the influencer marketing pie, without having to spend their entire PR budget on one campaign.

A recent report by Influencer Intelligence supports this shift, revealing that 61 per cent of its respondents said that being introduced to new independent brands is the most common way in which influeners have impacted them.

Second to this was being inspired with a new look or style, while half of respondents admitted that influencer content has persuaded them to add a product to their 'wish list' for future purchase. It's also telling that 28 per cent of respondents said that influencers have persuaded them to click through and buy a product immediately, which otherwise might not be bought.

As more and more beauty brands try and nail down what the consumer purchase journey really looks like, new data like the above prove that influencers could be very useful in identifying this.

Image courtesy of @olivecooke for her campaign with Biologi.