This was the most searched beauty brand of 2017

Last year was a big year for beauty, with more brands than ever outwardly embracing alternative beauty standards and rejecting beauty stereotypes. 

With more people included in the beauty conversation than ever before, it’s only fitting to clue you in on which beauty brands people were searching for thanks to Google’s year in review. 

Google has revealed the top ten most Googled for beauty brands in 2017, and the top brand may surprise you:

10. Finishing Touch Flawless
This hair remover took Instagram by storm and subsequently earned a spot in Google’s list. 

9. Huda Beauty 
Huda Kattan’s eponymous beauty brand landed a spot on the most-searched list as well as a spot in Sephora stores, inevitably boosting web traffic. 

8. Fenty Beauty
The most-hyped makeup launch of 2017.

7. Wet N Wild
As Diandra Forrest fronted its 'Breaking Beauty' campaign, Wet N Wild became the first beauty brand to feature a woman with albinism.

6. Benefit
They made global news when hero product Gimme Brow was recalled from consumers; however, advertising around National Brow Day also boosted search. 

5. Milk Makeup
This gender challenging makeup brand shot to Insta-fame last year. 

4. Charlotte Tilbury
A brand with some of the highest-earned media value on Instagram.

3. Senegence Lipsense
The brand became popular following a heavy multi-level recruiting scheme run on sites like Facebook; however, some argue that the brand blurs the line between sales and pyramid scheme. 

2. BH Cosmetics
This brand garnered major hype online thanks to its collaborations with influencers like ItsMyRayeRaye and Carli Bybel.

1. Ulta Beauty
The online retailer and affordable makeup brand topped the list.