Beiersdorf launches new unit for indie brands

Founders, Oscar Troplowitz and Paul C. Beiersdorf, are lending their names to a new business unit at Beiersdorf for the first time, aptly named, OSCAR&PAUL – Corporate Indie Brands.

The latest innovation for the company, which will strengthen existing brands such as Labello, 8X4 and Hidrofugal, will also serve as an innovation cell for new concepts.

“Over the past two years, we have maintained a clear focus on new ways of developing and digitalising our existing brands. With this new business unit, we will go a step further in future and test new, innovative approaches on all levels – from positioning to communication and sales – thereby serving as a source of internal inspiration,” said OSCAR&PAUL – Corporate Indie Brands director, Hauke Voß.

“We will create corporate indie brands and launch new business models that are unique within the Beiersdorf Group. In doing so, we have deliberately decided against establishing an outsourced innovation lab that operates in isolation from the group."

The unit, which aims to “create brands that cater to the consumers' needs in relation to authenticity, meaningfulness, and speed,” is already underway, with the relaunch of the deodorant brand, 8X4. Based on current trends and the latest insights into consumer needs, a completely new concept has been developed that focuses on individualisation. 

And for the first time in more than 30 years, a new brand will be launching in the coming months. According to Beiersdorf, it is a brand that gets under the skin and appeals to a young and modern target group.