An exciting first for Dermal Therapy

Multi-award-winning skincare company, Dermal Therapy is excited to announce a first of its kind partnership for the brand – welcoming top Australian skinfluencer, Roj Torabi to be its new creative director.

Roj, a lawyer, brand strategist and influential skinfluencer, is ready to take on skincare in a very different capacity. 

In her new position, Roj will work with the team on product development, provide creative direction for marketing campaigns, and ensure brand consistency across all touchpoints.

With a focus on innovation and market trends, she plays a crucial role in sharing the brand's identity and connecting with consumers. 

Roj Torabi 

"We couldn't be more thrilled to be partnering with the powerhouse that is Roj Torabi in 2024," said Dermal Therapy and LaCorium Health founder, Steven Sher. 

"As our creative director, Roj's expertise and passion will undoubtedly propel us to new heights, reinforcing our commitment to delivering unparalleled innovation and affordability in the skincare industry."

Roj's relationship with Dermal Therapy is deeply rooted – from her humble beginnings as a devoted customer to her instrumental role in previous collaborations, her ascent to the position of creative director feels like a natural progression.

"Dermal Therapy is like your reliable bestie who never fails to come through – authentic, dependable, and trustworthy," shared Roj. 

"I'm genuinely excited to take on this new role and eager to collaborate with the team to keep delivering unmatched science-driven skincare solutions."

Roj's journey into the world of beauty began as a quest for solutions to adolescent acne. Faced with a dearth of effective remedies, she embarked on a self-taught odyssey, mastering the intricacies of skincare and becoming a trusted authority among peers.

Today, her influence extends far beyond the realm of podcasts and social media, with her expertise sought after by leading publications and brands alike. 

Side by side, Dermal Therapy and Roj are poised to revolutionise the skincare landscape, one innovation at a time.

Dermal Therapy products are available both in-store and online nationwide at pharmacy retailer, Chemist Warehouse.

Image source: Dermal Therapy