Emma Lewisham announces exclusive Australian stockist

Emma Lewisham has shared a major brand update for its Aussie consumers.

In a newsletter to customers, the brand has announced it is now exclusive with MECCA as of April 2nd, 2024.

"We are absolutely thrilled to announced that MECCA is now the exclusive home of Emma Lewisham in Australia," the brand said.

"You will now be able to find Emma Lewisham in every MECCA store throughout Australia."

"This milestone transition brings with it a host of benefits for you, including many more places to shop and refill your Emma Lewisham favourites and more drop off points for your Beauty Circle returns."

The change means consumers will no longer be able to shop via the Emma Lewisham Australia website. However, it will remain active with updates on latest innovations and sustainability milestones, with easy click-through links to shop products at MECCA.

You can find FAQs on the changes here and shop Emma Lewisham via MECCA here.