Introducing Boss Media PR's new business venture

Boss Media PR, one of Australia’s most sought-after PR agencies, is kicking off 2021 with a bang with the launch of ‘Boss Experts’.

Boss Experts is Boss Media’s new stable of credible resources available to the media and brands. Aimed at providing a one stop shop for valuable insights, market research, data and education, Boss Experts aligns with Boss Media’s commitment to championing a new era of creativity, in order to produce award-winning PR results.

Boss Experts sees Boss Media PR’s stable of brand representatives, thought leaders and professionals all come together under the one banner. From a range of psychologists, relationship experts, a cosmetic chemist, a sexpert, a dermal specialist, virtual reality experts and haircare experts, Boss Experts are available to provide their expert advice to relevant stories and brand alignments.

“The launch of Boss Experts was a natural progression for us – for years we’ve prided ourselves on having a range of valuable resources available to media for insights, Q&As, data, expert quotes and by-line features,” Boss Media PR founder, Tahlia Crinis, said, adding that this new resource simply highlights something Boss Media PR has been doing for years, but delivering it in an aggregated package.

“We know the media and consumers are constantly seeking out expert, trusted content from credible resources and that’s something we’ve continually delivered,” Crinis added. “For us, our expert content has always been our niche because media need to ensure credibility with their audiences.

In turn, we are able to generate unique, thought provoking content for our clients and they can leverage this to help increase their credibility and trust with their own audiences. We’re so excited about the launch of Boss Experts and look forward to expanding this arm in 2021.”

You can keep an eye out on the full range of Boss Experts over the coming weeks on Instagram @bossexperts.

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