New magazine for young women launches

Win Win, a quarterly magazine that targets young women aged 16 to 21 and centres around issues relevant to them, has officially launched.

The first issue, themed ‘Go Forth,’ contains features about life in New York City, as well as articles surrounding feminism, career insights and consent.

Founder, Joanna Wright, believes the magazine will “fill a void” with its empowering and inspiring content.
“I wanted to create a magazine that was positive and interesting, delivers high-quality content, and doesn’t lead us to make comparisons about ourselves and others,” she said. “No surfacey stuff, no cliches, no celeb gossip, no BS.”

According to Wright, readers that fit into the magazine’s targeted demographic will also have the option to shape future content by suggesting topics, asking questions, and in time, making submissions.

“I want to engage this demographic with an escape, which is what I always loved about magazines, but I also want them to understand they are capable of driving change,” she said. “While a magazine can’t solve the world’s problems, with the right tools, info and inspo, young women will feel empowered to move forward in their own lives, and the things they care about – whatever they may be.”

Win Win, which is published by Humming Group, is currently seeking advertising partners. People, however, can also make donations to fund the magazine’s second edition – with those who contribute over $50 being sent a gift, and with 10 per cent of the proceeds going to The Butterfly Foundation.