Zoë Foster Blake discontinues these Go-To products

Go-To founder, Zoë Foster Blake, has announced via Instagram that her skincare brand will be discontinuing two fan favourite products.

Say farewell to Zincredible Tinted and Pinky-Nudey Lips.

The move comes after the brand recently made a public commitment to "always be a company that values and promotes equality and inclusion" and now understands that these two tinted products aren't inclusive to all.

"This is undeniably a terrible business move," Foster Blake admitted. "But to us business is more than, yknow, 'business'."

"We wholeheartedly stand by our credo of providing the best, safest and most useful possible skincare for everyone. We hope this highlights how seriously we take that," she said.

If you're a fan of either product, do not freak out straight away, as Go-To is honouring its commitment to sustainability and will be filling all packaging on hand, rather than disposing of it. 

"We predict both products should be around until March 2021-ish," Foster Blake said.

Looking ahead, it's no secret that the brand has been hard at work trying to perfect a high-strength SPF, which the ex-beauty journo has claimed to be a "giant pest."

"Making a high-performance, high-protection SPF that feels and looks so good that you wanna wear it every day, yet adheres to our strict formulating policy is tricky."

"But we've changed tack, and remain hopeful for a late 2021 launch."

We will be waiting with bated breath. 

Main image: instylemag.com.au / product images: gotoskincare.com