Lady Gaga announces first beauty brand

Famous singer and actress, Lady Gaga, has long been known for her extravagant and vibrant makeup. And now, she is officially launching her very first beauty brand.

Called Haus Laboratories, the new line is said to include kits combining lip glosses, lip liners, and other colour cosmetic products. It also draws inspiration from Gaga’s early days as an aspiring singer, applying drugstore makeup, which would eventually become her signature look.

“Colour is completely transformative – it’s powerful, it’s beautiful, and it’s how I found my voice with makeup,” she told Business of Fashion.

The kits will be available on Amazon in September, making Haus Laboratories the first major brand to be available exclusively on the e-commerce giant. According to Gaga, she chose Amazon because it allowed her to “build the brand her way,” with the message of confidence and self-acceptance.

She said: “There are companies that see me and what I stand for and the way that I view the world, and if it’s not perfectly in line what they do, they’ll be like, ‘Can you just change half of the equation?”

The answer is no. No deal. No message of acceptance, no deal. This [deal with Amazon] was so wonderful because this was like, ‘Let’s make a deal, let’s make a deal to change the world with their beauty.”

Amazon plans to launch the kits simultaneously in nine countries across three continents, including the US, Germany and France. However, hundreds of millions of customers from Singapore to Brazil will be able to purchase the brand through its global stores.