Popular skinfluencer launches podcast with a twist

According to an article by WWD, social media skincare expert, Hyram Yarbro, has teamed up with podcast network, Ramble, for an exciting new podcast called 'Justaposition.'

The podcast has launched with two episodes currently available on Spotify, Apple Music and other podcast streaming services. Beginning June 23, the show will also air episodes weekly.

In the first few episodes, Yarbo chats with fellow creators such as TikTok comedians Melissa Ong and Hillary Star, as well as YouTuber Ava Jules, to discuss mental health, how to create a positive impact, navigating social media, skincare and more.

“My goal is to make ‘Justaposition’ a safe space for individuals to be vulnerable and share their life experiences in order for us, as viewers, to better understand the complexities and strengths of the human spirit,” he said.

Known by his combined 12 million social media followers as “Skin Care by Hyram,” and the New York Times as “the Gen Z Whisperer,” Yarbro started creating viral content back in 2018 and more recently on his viral TikTok account, where he delivers easily digestible skincare advice and education to a predominantly Generation Z audience.

He also appeared on the cover of BEAUTY/crew’s digital issue in October last year, where he discussed his journey so far, as well as the future of beauty and those who influence it.

​​“Hyram’s use of his platform for good and his honest approach to talking about everything, from mental health, to social activism, to skincare has earned him millions of fans around the world,” said Cadence13 and Ramble’s chief content officer and founding partner, Chris Corcoran.

Ramble is a joint partnership between Cadence13, an Audacy company, and United Talent Agency, who Yarbro signed with in 2020.

In 2021, Yarbro launched his skincare brand, Selfless by Hyram, in collaboration with The Inkey List.