Shay Mitchell's next role in beauty

Social media phenomenon and actress, Shay Mitchell, has signed on as ambassador for the Cacharel Yes I Am fragrance collection.

Mitchell was chosen to front the franchise, in part since she’s widely known, said L’Oréal Luxe designer brands fragrances global president, Guillaume de Lesquen, and that includes “in many countries where we would like to expand Cacharel with the launch of this Yes I Am collection.”

Mitchell is to appear in online videos, sometimes giving tutorials, for Yes I Am, which will have a major digital drive. Online quizzes have been developed so people can find their colour and perfume, for instance, and there’s the possibility of ordering multi-scent samples.

"I was literally over the moon to be asked to be the ambassador. I feel like it was such a great fit synergistically. To me, Cacharel has always been about freedom, independence, empowerment and I truly feel like they captivated the entire essence of the brand with this collection," Mitchell told WWD

The range, which already has two scents in the line up, will see the third addition launching in March, Yes I Am Fabulous, and is targeted towards 15 to 25 year olds.

De Lesquen deems the time ripe for the brand to go broader with a collection of scents, which speaks to millennials, a demographic that particularly enjoys playing with fragrance like they play with different facets of their personality.

"I was really excited to be able to represent the collection as a whole, because I feel like women - we’re all diverse, we’re determined and outspoken in our own ways, not only as it relates to one person to the next but sometimes even amongst ourselves from day-to-day," said Mitchell.

Image source: WWD