The Geeks' amazing transformations

It takes the best of the best to makeover the geekiest of the geeks, which is why The Beauty and The Geek called in none other than Australian Hairdresser of the Year Joey Scandizzo for the job.

The creative director of ELEVEN Australia transformed the six geeks to virtually unrecognisable proportions on last week’s makeover show.

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A lot of the guys were covered up under blankets of hair and beards but I could see some really great features underneath it all and just wanted to get in there and bring out their personalities and features,” Scandizzo told beautydirectory. I wanted to take them out of their comfort zones but also wanted to make sure it was a look they’d like and something they’d be able to maintain themselves back out in the real world.”

The makeovers required several of the contestants to chop off considerable amounts of hair, namely Chard, whose long red locks fell victim to Scandizzo’s scissors. Chard was so stressed about losing his hair but I was really confident it was the right move for him and we talked him round and pushed ahead,” says Scandizzo.

The award-winning hairdresser said his favourite makeover was Rich, who blew people away with his new look.

Chard's dramatic transformation.

Rich's makeover results.