Adore Beauty announces big podcast changes

In exciting news, Adore Beauty has announced changes to its weekly podcast offering.

The announcement sees Beauty IQ Uncensored relaunched, as well as welcoming Beauty IQ Expert to your ears every Wednesday.

Beauty IQ Expert will be hosted by Adore Beauty senior beauty editor, Sadaf Razi alongside skin therapist, Tegan Macdonald to deliver hot takes and expert-backed skincare tips.

Sadaf Razi and Tegan Macdonald

"I am so excited to be co-hosting Beauty IQ Expert with Tegan every Wednesday and honestly just stoked I get to ask her all my beauty questions, pick her brain and basically get all the free beauty advice for us guys," shared Razi.

"From expert skincare advice and hot takes to a fun segment called 'Adore Anonymous' where we’ll be answering some of your juicy questions that may be too afraid to ask."

"Our first episode that has just dropped on Spotify where we chat through our favourite vitamin C’s all under $100."

Unfiltered beauty talk from Hannah Furst and Melissa Mason will now continue every Monday via Beauty IQ Uncensored.

Hannah Furst and Melissa Mason

Launching September 2019, Beauty IQ Uncensored has consistently sat in the top five of the fashion and beauty podcast charts, with a huge 6.7 million downloads as of December 2023.

Beauty IQ Uncensored gives listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the beauty industry where the hosts discuss every available topic – from retinol to bum hair, nothing is off limits.

Regular guests include industry experts (dermatologists, cosmetic doctors, and more) for professionally-backed advice, and high-profile guests like Chris Appleton, Miranda Kerr and Elle MacPherson for their unique beauty takes.

It was the winner of the best-branded podcast at the 2023 Australian Podcast Awards and now has over 230 episodes. 

Listen to all the Beauty IQ podcast episodes here.

Image credit: Supplied/Adore Beauty