Meet the podcast filling an enormous market gap

Podcasts may be all the rage right now, but very few of them actually fill a gap in the market when it comes to unique and fascinating health journeys that normalise conversations and connect experiences.

Which is where Allergy Proof comes in. Hosted by Ashli Templer, a woman who has been through trauma and endured an extremely long health journey to now be in a place of healing, this podcast deep dives into all health issues – whether they be physical, mental or emotional.

Below, we speak with Templer, who tells us everything we need to know about Allergy Proof and what it has to offer.

Can you please tell us about yourself and your podcast, Allergy Proof?

I’ve been dealing with intolerances and skin conditions for most of my life, as well as Hashimoto's disease for the last eight years. In 2018 after discovering I had a food chemical intolerance and couldn’t find any products that were skin, body and bathroom-approved, Yours Only was born. 

CLEAN + COAT are the first of a series of all system skincare designed with allergies, intolerances, skin conditions and auto-immune diseases in mind, dressed in packaging that looks good enough for a #shelfie. 

On a mission to continue opening the conversation, I launched the podcast Allergy Proof, a platform that discusses fascinating health journeys with Yours Only customers and a place that normalises convos around physical, mental and emotional trauma to the body.

I’ve completely switched up my lifestyle and mindset, as a result of my ongoing health journey. I don’t drink anymore, prioritise mindfulness and channel all of my energy into helping others on a similar path and building a community of like minded people.

The podcast has recently undergone a change in direction. Can you tell us a bit about that?

It has! We completely switched up the way the podcast presents itself. As I’ve started my own healing process, Allergy Proof is now less about being busy, and managing your health, it’s more about focusing on looking after yourself, and spreading awareness on certain health concerns. Now, we see Allergy Proof as a place where we normalise convos around physical, mental and emotional trauma to the body with our community. 

This year I was diagnosed with CIRS, also known as mould illness and MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome), which has led me to learn that there is so much more about the body - things like childhood trauma can lead to so many illnesses as an adult. 

Now, all guests on Allergy Proof are Yours Only customers who have been brave enough to open up to talk about their health journey. 

Who is your typical listener?

Anyone who is dealing with allergies, intolerances and health conditions - both diagnosed and undiagnosed. There is so much information out there, sometimes you just want to hear about other peoples experiences, rather than unpacking various advice from health professionals.

Don’t get me wrong, I have learnt so much from my incredible group of health professionals, but I only started working out what was wrong after opening up and talking to real people about it. 

What can listeners expect from the show?

Genuine, real conversations with people who have WILD health stories. From endo, postnatal depression, Hashimotos, eczema, psoriasis and chemical sensitivity, we have 12 episodes, each dedicated to their own topic. 

Each episode will allow you to understand the condition, how it affects people both mentally, and physically, and the various paths they tried to ease their symptoms. 

Do you think Allergy Proof fills a gap in the podcast market?

100%. Instead of chatting to health professionals on their opinion, we’re talking to everyday women who had to go through many, many health specialists to get to the bottom of their conditions. The best part about this podcast is that it allows listeners to feel understood if they don’t have anyone around them that understands. 

Does your brand, Yours Only, tie into the podcast in any way?

It does - every single guest uses Yours Only products in their routine everyday. We did a call out on our Instagram to connect with people who have interesting stories, so it feels really genuine and relevant to the audience to hear about their lives. 

You've had a busy year with lots of projects happening. How do you handle the juggle?

Good question! I have built a really strong team at work and am super transparent when I am having a flare up. My partner also helps me a lot when he can. I am trying to push back on too much work when my body can’t handle it. Lockdown has helped! 

Do you have any exciting plans for the podcast you can reveal?

Ooo! This season we have covered semi-common health conditions, but as seasons go on, I really want to deep dive into rare conditions to spread the word and hopefully help more people with new potential paths in their health journey. 

How often does Allergy Proof run and where can we find it?

We’re dropping new eps every Friday and you can listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to your podcasts.