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Sleep quality improved by pre-bedtime bath

Further research proves that relaxing in warm water will help regulate body temp and aid sleep.

Worldwide recall issued for breast implants tied to cancer

The FDA has taken action to protect women from a rare breast implant-associated cancer, anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL).

How disrupted sleep patterns can influence behaviour at work

Science journalist and author, Linda Geddes, said that more workplaces should adopt “flexi working” in order to accommodate different employees.

10 brands with new-generation supplements

These supplements are stepping-up the variety within the industry.

A rundown of Goop's latest summit

From extravagant food to crystals that were placed to help settle the mind, here’s a brief rundown of Goop’s latest summit:

Swisse announces global partnership with Chris Hemsworth

The campaign will include TV and advertising commercials, as well as content-led social media.

Medium Rare launches new health and beauty mag

Medium Rare and client Coles have teamed up on a new magazine.

Is our skincare routine making us happier?

Studies have found that carrying out a skincare routine could be generating positive emotions in us.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop heading for TV

The hollywood star's lifestyle brand has its sights set on a TV deal.

Men's Health Australia appoints new editor

The magazine's former digital editor has been awarded a promotion.

Pantene launches inspiring campaign for women

The campaign aims to inspire and motivate women who may have fears around playing sport

Goop opens first permanent store in New York City

After its New York pop-up stores performed exceptionally well, Goop has officially opened its first permanent New York store.

Hearst Magazines create high-end yoga mat (with help from editors)

With a physical product, the publisher aims to diversify revenue.

Why vegan beauty is becoming cooler than ever

Words such as ‘vegan,’ ‘cruelty-free’ and ‘plant-based’ are now serving as identifiers for ‘cool’ brands, as consumers increasingly shop for products that align with their values.

Tampon Tax to finally be abolished

After years of campaigning, Australia is one major step closer to finally abolishing the 10 per cent Tampon Tax.

Influencers caught promoting cigarettes in Australia

Big tobacco companies are using Instagram influencers to advertise cigarettes in Australia.

Have you heard? An acne vaccine is on the way

While many are embracing their acne in 2018, and movements like #freethepimple are helping to lessen the taboos around bad skin, there is still a large number of acne-sufferers who would do anything to get rid of it.

Believe it or not, eating meat and cheese can help you live longer

Flying in the face of almost every nutritional tidbit we’ve been fed over the past few years, new research has revealed that eating red meat and cheese can actually help you live longer

The pros and cons of wellness apps

From ordering food and finding a hookup to ghost hunting and ride-sharing, there’s an app for everything nowadays; and while the detrimental mental health effects of excessive mobile phone usage are known, there are tens of thousands of apps designed to counteract just that.

Expert claims coconut oil is “pure poison”

Coconut oil has been recently slammed by a Harvard professor who instead labelled it “pure poison”.

A third of Aussies are suffering from “social jet lag”

While it’s unfortunate to add another ailment to the growing list of things adults need to worry about, it turns out that almost one in three Aussies suffer from a little known condition called “social jet lag”.

Women’s Health initiative to hit TV screens

For the first time ever, a female sporting award ceremony will be broadcast on free-to-air television.

New health contact at AWW

Miranda Herron is now looking after the health pages at The Australian Women’s Weekly.

Is chlorella the new activated charcoal?

While chlorella has been compared to activated charcoal, there are some significant differences.

Environmental group releases warning on makeup containing heavy metal

The contamination levels far exceed limits set by the ACD.

Lifestyle mag resurrected under new publisher

The title almost closed when its former publisher went into administration.

Spotlight on: Men's Health Week

While it is not uncommon for men to scoff at the thought of self-care, it’s important to know that self-care is a crucial part of feeling good. Here are the products to help men look and hopefully feel their best.

The beauty products aiding sleep

Short on Zs? Check out these therapeutic products that dial up the effects of a good night’s sleep.

This ad will change your mind on staying indoors

A powerful new ad is shedding light on the health risks of spending too much time indoors.

Publishing house launches wellbeing consultancy agency

Building on the back of Wellbeing magazine, niche publisher Universal Magazines has announced it will be launching a bespoke wellbeing consultancy called WellBeing Grow.


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