BD chats to Eleanor Pendleton about changes at Gritty Pretty

In an effort to do its part to ensure people, particularly women of colour, feel included, considered and empowered, Gritty Pretty has announced new changes to its online beauty space.

BD spoke with founder and editor-in-chief, Eleanor Pendleton, about Gritty Pretty's commitment to its female-majority audience, and what the company is pledging moving forward.

"Following the Black Lives Matter Movement, I had some important conversations with influential women of colour - these incredible women educated me as to how our content can be more inclusive," said Pendleton.

"Following these conversations and upon reflection, we recognise that while Gritty Pretty has made some attempts to be inclusive in the past, by way of photographing models and women of colour, our attempts have not been enough. We need to step up. We, as an industry, need to do better. Be better."

To take action, Gritty Pretty aims to be an inclusive space, where every woman feels she is both seen and heard.

"To us, this means not only showcasing diversity, but creating content catering to women of colour - a trusted platform that recommends a foundation shade which suits her skin tone; where we research and review hair care products that suit her textured hair type; and where we make suggestions of face serums and treatments to suit her specific skin concerns," said Pendleton.

Included in its public commitment, the company is pledging:

• To ensure 50% of women featured on are women of colour.
• To ensure 50% of Gritty Pretty Magazine cover talents are women of colour; shining a spotlight on her specific beauty needs.
• To promote more Black- and Indigenous-owned beauty brands across its channels.
• To continue listening to and speaking with influential women of colour within the beauty industry.
• To employ more Black and Indigenous People of Colour across the creative industries and offer internships to Indigenous youth via an Indigenous work placement program.

Earlier this week, Gritty Pretty Magazine launched its winter 2020 issue, which you can find here.