Introducing the newest beauty podcast

Last December, beautyheaven alumni – Jordyn Christensen and Lauren Meisner – unveiled their new endeavour: Centennial Beauty.

And now two months later, the beauty news and trends website targeting centennials (those born after 1995), has announced its next move, a podcast.

BD sat down with the Renegade hosts, Christensen and Meisner, to chat about the project and what listeners can expect.

Congratulations on the announcement of Renegade! Can you tell us what the podcast is about?

Renegade is going to be an extension of Centennial Beauty where we deep dive on the biggest topics in internet and pop culture as well as beauty. We feel the concepts are inherently intertwined and can't exist without acknowledging the other. Our site will be where we break the news — whereas Renegade (though still timely) will be the place we bring research and opinions together to help build an inclusive discussion around these trending topics.

You've had a busy few months launching Centennial Beauty, what made you decide to launch a podcast as well?

Firstly, young Millennials and Gen-Z are obsessed with podcasts. We knew we couldn't create a successful media brand without one. We always envisaged Centennial Beauty as being a 360 brand, meaning you can find our content on whatever platform you choose to consume your news or media on. We didn't want people to have to leave the platform they were using the get the headlines or be up to date on what's happening. Renegade really just completes this 360 approach for us. We also really wanted an arm of our brand that dove a little deeper into internet and pop culture and offered some substantial research and opinions on the topics everyone is talking about anyway. 

When will the first episode be airing?

Episodes will be going live on Friday mornings every week! 

What can listeners expect from the show?

Listeners can expect a mix of timely news-led discussions and evergreen topics. Everything from the latest in TikTok or YouTube, to whether the latest influencer launch is worth the hype, to trending beauty topics like whether the evolution of #selfcare on social media has made the concept redundant. We are also planning on bringing some guests in the future to contribute to and build out these discussions. 

What demographic is Renegade suited towards?

The demographic for Renegade is following from our site - Gen-Z and young Millenials. As we will be discussing topics surrounding internet culture, they will be particularly relevant to the generation that grew up on the internet and with social media. 

Listen to the Renegade trailer and subscribe here.

Image source: Centennial Beauty.