MAXMEDIALAB unveils exclusive digital experiences for brands

Rather than seeing the digital webinar as a product of the pandemic, MAXMEDIALAB views it as the future for fostering stronger relationships between fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands and their audiences.

Which is why the PR agency has just launched a valuable digital experience for brands. Introducing MAXMEDIALAB Digital Experiences – webinars reimagined and highly customisable to communicate interactively with consumers, media, and influencers. The tailor-made program is fully equipped, including specialty websites, and capacity for a range of exciting activations and touchpoints, which will bring the brand experience to the next level.

Founder and CEO Lynette Phillips believes brands should take the first step in fostering a genuine connection with their audiences, and digital experiences are an excellent place to start this rapport. 

"These are audiences that are craving human connection with their favourite brands in a digital form and want to be immersed into your world,” Phillips said. “Our digital experiences allow you to get up close and personal with the brand's tastemakers and masterminds. This is especially critical for those playing within the beauty sphere when a VIP experience is so covetable.”

The immersive digital event is concepted and tailored by knowledgeable and experienced MAXMEDIALAB producers to meet brand objectives, with a lasting impact beyond the screen.

With a full-production suite and studio locations across the nation, brands are able to dial in guests from anywhere at any time. The offering includes custom-set design, audience sendouts and interactive research surveys providing feedback in real-time to create the ultimate immersive experience. 

Phillips added: "Digital Experiences, Reimagined is perfect for clients wanting to treat their most loyal customers. You could host a masterclass led by your brand’s favourite influencer and your guests would receive a bespoke send-out packed with everything they need to follow along.

You aren’t restricted by location and can engage audiences beyond the capital cities. You also can convert while they learn with shoppable links. The creativity within the format is unparallel with anything currently on offer.”