The beauty Instagram accounts with the most fake followers

The acquisition of fake followers has long been deemed reputation damaging, but that hasn't stopped many brands and influencers using it as a way to elevate their social profiles.

Earlier this week, digital marketing agency, Pilot Fish Media, revealed the percentage of fake followers on a number of global beauty brand Twitter and Instagram profiles. Here are the top 10:

1. Too Faced Cosmetics – 49%
2. Kylie Cosmetics – 49%
3. Anastasia Beverly Hills – 48%
4. KKW Beauty – 47%
5. Sephora – 46%
6. NYX Cosmetics – 46%
7. Benefit Cosmetics – 46%
8. Tarte Cosmetics – 46%
9. M.A.C Cosmetics – 45%
10. Urban Decay – 42%

However...according to multiple sources, these numbers should not necessarily be frowned upon. Counterfeit followers on brand accounts can often occur without it even knowing, reports Cosmetics Business. Verified accounts with the blue tick are a mecca for bots and fake accounts that can easily fly under the radar unnoticed.

Earlier this year, numerous celebrities were found to have high fake follower numbers, including Taylor Swift (46%) and Kim Kardashian (44%). While the latter earns huge amounts of money off the back of her follower count, it's unlikely she would particularly suffer should her bot followers be deleted. After all, the true fans of Kardashian and Too Faced Cosmetics alike – that come in the millions – will continue to grow and organically engage with their content.