TikTok launches new tools for brands and marketers

TikTok is excited to announce it has launched its first global experience designed to help brands and marketers get on board with the video platform and reimagine how they connect with their audiences.

According to an article by Mumbrella, the experiences will come in the form of new creative, brand and commerce solutions that will "help brands of all sizes drive commercial impact."

“We’re bringing some truly innovative solutions to Australian and Kiwi brands,” said TikTok general manager of global business solutions, Australia and New Zealand, Brett Armstrong. “I know that many of our partners will be really excited by our new commerce solutions. These developments have been hotly anticipated.”

TikTok said it will be strengthening brand and creator collaboration with creative tools and growing its suite of creative solutions that allow advertisers to be creative while helping to connect them and collaborate with TikTok’s diverse portfolio of creators.

Known as a self-serve portal that gives brands access to a number of creators, TikTok Creator Marketplace features an Application Interface that provides access to the platform’s first-party marketplace data for creator marketing outfits. This provides brands with the services to help them manage the entire process of creator marketing.

Open Application Campaigns also enable brands to post campaign briefs to creators across the platform’s Creator Marketplace, in order for them to self-apply and participate. Creators can use the Branded Content Toggle tool to mark videos and disclose certain commercial content, without interrupting their creative flow.

Finally, the Customised Instant Page means brands will be able to create fast landing pages that load 11 times faster than standard mobile pages. This will enable users to deep dive into brands’ messages by watching videos or swiping through different content.

According to TikTok, these tools will enhance brands and marketers’ experiences on the platform, as well as how they connect with their audiences and how they are discovered.

Armstrong told Mumbrella what he thinks this means for brands and marketers in the local region, saying “TikTok has now really become established as a mainstream marketing platform in Australia and New Zealand. We’ve seen advertisers from sectors spanning Auto, FMCG, finance, QSR, media, telcos, technology, retail and beauty, collaborating closely with us to drive innovation and creativity in advertising in this region.”

TikTok global managing director, product marketing and strategy, Jiayi (Ray) Cao, added: “This is the moment that we hope will give the industry more of our insights about TikTok, especially for the commercial products, where we are going. It’s all three components, our creators, we want to really help them thrive on the platform, and how does that really benefit advertisers? We want to be able to connect to dots between our creators and the advertisers and our brands.

The second part is really how we enable the committee and the brands to get better connected? Oftentimes, brands are seen as quite alienated from traditional advertising, but TikTok are really trying to help brands relate to their audiences. We’re really building this to help brands unlock new opportunities on the platform.”