Burt's Bees reflects on its achievements and goals

Burt’s Bees has recently released its 2020 Impact Report ahead of Earth Day, which brings to life the brand’s amazing commitment to nature, sustainability and the planet. 

The report, which is both a reflection on Burt’s Bees’ past achievements and a look forward toward a cleaner and more resilient future, outlines the progress one step at a time, and zeroes in on what’s next.

“So many of the big goals we’ve set over the years – like the ones we’ve set for 2025 – are now simply part of how we work,” the brand said.

“We’ve achieved a 99.6% Natural Origin average across our formulas. 100% of our packaging is recyclable either curbside or through TerraCycle® and we use an average of 50% recycled materials across our packaging. We have Landfill-Free Operations and are CarbonNeutral® Certified.”

Just a few of its proudest accomplishments from 2012 to 2020, in numbers include:

As for what's to come over the next five years, Burt's Bees envisions a world where people are doing well by nature and for nature, without compromise.

"As we considered the impact we want to have in the next five years, we chose to focus our energy on making fundamental shifts in systems that will enable a more connected and stable relationship between people and nature," the brand said.

"When we realise the value of nature in our lives, we are emboldened to shift what we make and how we live as a part of the natural world, not apart from it."

By 2025, Burt's Bees hopes to have a full-circle future, which involves reducing waste and energy, working towards a circular economy. It also strives to achieve resilient communities by uplifting communities and improving sourcing practices.

The brand believes our businesses, governments and other organisations must come together and take action against the "unprecedented global challenge of climate change," among other issues.

To find out more about what Burt's Bees has achieved and what's in store for the future, read the full report here.