Yves Saint Laurent Beauté launches global initiative

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté has teamed with Re:wild, a non-profit organisation, on a sustainability program aimed at protecting biodiversity.

Dubbed, Rewild Our Earth, it is the brand’s broadest eco-related commitment to date.

"We always try to be relevant and consistent, and resonate with the spirit, mind-set, DNA and codes of Monsieur Saint Laurent," said Yves Saint Laurent Beauté international general manager, Stephan Bezy.

"We have a treasure on our hands; we’d better work hard to protect it," he said.

Specifically, Rewild Our Earth intends to protect and restore 100,000 hectares of land — practically 10 times the expanse of Paris — by 2030.

Safeguarding biodiversity in locations negatively impacted by climate change, where YSL’s beauty ingredients are culled, takes priority. Those include the Ourika Valley in Morocco, a country that was close to Saint Laurent’s heart and inspired him, and where in 2013 the YSL beauty brand launched its Ourika Community Gardens project to restore at-risk environments and help empower local communities. Haiti, Madagascar and Indonesia are on the list, too.

The brand’s aim to reduce its impact focuses on transitions toward low carbon and circular economies, plus putting in place targets in line with today’s climate science.

To reduce its environmental footprint, YSL Beauté is taking many steps, such as prioritising bio-based ingredients, so that they make up 70 per cent of the total by 2023. It is also transitioning to wholly carbon-neutral factories in France this year.

You can find the Yves Saint Laurent Beauté range and download hi-res images, here.