AFW 2024 backstage report: INJURY

Embryolisse x INJURY backstage report – Friday May 17, 2024

Founded in Sydney in 2004 by creative director, Eugene Leung, INJURY is designing a hybrid of everyday classics and avant-garde styles, blending function and fashion to create transformative pieces for non-conformists.

As a sustainable-conscious brand, the design duo cut down carbon emission and wastage during clothing sampling process by 80% by incorporating digital clothing simulation into their design process and creating only made-to-order pieces with quality craftsmanship.

The look

From directing Fashion Week to representing beauty brands around the world, Susan Lilian is a highly sought-after Australian make-up artist. With 15 years in the industry, Susan’s well-rounded body of work with fashion, commercial and film speaks for itself. 

"For this incredible show INJURY, we designed a different character look for each individual model based on Goth Archetypes," shared Susan.

"Some required glossy skin while others, a velvet skin finish."

"I prepared and polished the skin with Poudre de Lait Exfoliante, Eau de Beaute Rosamelis and Hydra-Serum for all models."

"The secret to the change of skin finish was mixing Lait-Creme Concentre and Cicalisse Creme together for a radiant skin then using Lait-Creme Concentre on its own for a lighter skin finish."

"I love how versatile Embryolisse is, I am able to create knowing the products work well under any makeup product even theatrical special fx which is a true testament to the formulas," she said.

Get the look

Step 1. Remove any impurities for a clean base using Embryolisse’s Micellar Water.

Step 2. Prep the skin with the Exfoliating Milk Powder to remove all dead skin cells for an ultra smooth base.

Step 3. Generously spritz the Rosamelis Toning Face Mist over the face to firm, rehydrate and refine the skin.

Step 4. Use the Active Eye Contour Cream to de-puff the eye area, and the Hydra- Serum on the rest of the face to plump and hydrate.

Step 5. Apply a generous amount of Lait-Crème Concentre to the entire face to prime the skin and add a touch of Cicalisse Cream to the cheeks for an extra- glossy look. 

Step 6. Use Lait-Crème Fluide on the neck, shoulders and décolletage to moisturise and add a glow to the skin. 


Image credit: Supplied