Aqua Blu 2020: Backstage report

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Who: Aqua Blu
When: 11:00am, May 16, Carriageworks 

Hair: Mary Centofanti for Davroe
Hair look:
"The designer didn’t want anything that looked like a traditional beach look – he wanted something with a bit more glam. We’re basically parting the hair in the middle for anyone that it suits, or if there’s a side part. We’re really just smoothing the hair out and we’ve put a slight bend in it.

We’ve used Tame Detangler, which we use as the base for all our pre-productions. That basically conditions the hair, as the basis of good style is always good conditioning. Then we’ve put some Fibre Cream through it and some BBT that we’ve mixed through the hair. We’ve blow dried it nice and smooth, put a nice curl in it with the barrel, pinned it up and then basically let that out and brushed it out. Everyone’s also wearing a crown, which is very glamorous."

Makeup: Rachel Montgomery for Harlotte Cosmetics
Makeup look:
"The inspiration for today is luxury with a bit of a relaxed edge. It’s about a beautiful glow to the skin. With the makeup, we’re trying to enhance the look of the models so we don’t take away anything from their actual garments because the prints are just fantastic.

It’s about that sort of royal look – glowy, fresh, really beautiful and effortless – like a newborn princess. The eyes are definitely the feature – the models will have wet lids walking onto the runway and highlights throughout the body. It’s all about that natural, highlight glow – the sort of woman you can’t not look at on the beach.

Harlotte Cosmetics AfterGlow Foundation
Harlotte Cosmetics Aura Rose Gold Face & Body Glow
Harlotte Cosmetics Ego Cheek Highlighter

See all the MBFWA 2019 backstage reports here.