FDS: The Innovators Resort 2020: Backstage report

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Who: FDS: The Innovators show
When: 3:00pm, May 13, Carriageworks

Hair: Julie Hagney for Schwarzkopf Professional
Hair look:
"It's a bit of a complicated show because we've got the innovators and six designers, with each girl having many changes. We needed to do something that could withstand the back room stuff, but that could also suit all six designers.

We’ve gone for something that’s really classical and sleek from the front, so it looks like a runway ponytail, but then at the back, there’s some braiding and a little bit more action that makes it more modern."

Makeup: Chereine Waddell for TAFE NSW
Makeup look:
"We’ve done a very dewy base. We’ve used a face oil as a base, mixed with our foundations. We’ve done gluestick eyebrows and UHU glue, just to give them that really stark, piecey texture. Then there's a little bit of cream contouring and highlighting to subtly define the face shapes of the girls.

We also have a light, metallic sheen over the lips. On the eyes, we’ve used the Kryolan Nude Matte Palette. We’ve pushed a halo, almost grungy, heroin chic kind of vibe with the Black Gel Kryolan Liner to do the black water line and top line. We didn’t use any mascara or lashes."

Kryolan Nude Matte Palette
Kryolan Black Gel Liner

See all the MBFWA 2019 backstage reports here.