BEAUTYDIRECTORY welcomes eight new brands

BEAUTYDIRECTORY is delighted to welcome eight brands to the site this spring. Below is a run down of the new additions and why they should be on your radar over the coming months and beyond. Click on the brand names to find out more and download hi-res product images.

Alya Skin
The highly Instagrammable, Alya Skin, is the powerhouse brand behind the famous pink clay mask used to detoxify, cleanse and brighten skin. Using only pure ingredients, the products are also cruelty free and vegan friendly.

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BD pick: The Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask seen all over Instagram. A Millennials beauty dream.

Aussie Bombshell
There is nothing more iconic than the term 'Aussie Bombshell' that embodies an Australian woman - beautiful, natural, effortless. Combining the importance of natural beauty and positive body image, and being inspired by beachside upbringing, Aussie Bombshell creates luxe tanning products with a focus on being consumer friendly both in application and ingredients, and of course, all Australian-made.

BD pick: The Aussie Bombshell Gradual Tan. Australian made and enriched with macadamia and almond oils for extra hydration - farewell patchy tan.

Recognised globally for its best-selling scar and stretch-mark oil, Bio-Oil rebranded earlier this year and debuted it's all-new packaging in Australia. The specialist oil is loved by celebrities the world over including a certain Mrs KKW.

BD pick: The one-and-only Bio-Oil, available in 60ml, 125ml and 200ml.
Electric Ink
Electric Ink Skincare produces specialist tattoo care products that are packed with active ingredients that keep the skin nourished and the tattoo ink looking fresh and defined at all times no matter how old the tattoo is.

BD pick: Electric Ink Vibrancy Serum, for its pure uniqueness. This body serum maintains pigment and promotes vibrancy of tattoos whilst hydrating skin.

GAIA Skin Naturals
GAIA Skin Naturals offers baby, pregnancy, women’s and men’s skincare containing pure, natural and organic ingredients, containing nothing harsh or harmful.

BD picks: GAIA SKIN + BODY Facial Moisturiser contains gentle organic jojoba and organic evening primrose oils to help lock-in moisture and improve the tone and condition of the skin. The scent is also to die for.

Goldfield & Banks
Goldfield & Banks offer a luxurious and precious collection of gender-free fragrances featuring pure and rare Australian essences. Each fragrance arouses the Australian dream, a treasured voyage from the dazzling and invigorating coasts through the burning hot red desert to the endless deep scented forests.

BD picks: The Pacific Rock Moss Perfume Concentrate Natural Spray is inspired the coastline of southern NSW. Homely nostalgia in a bottle.

Indeed Labs
From the makers of Deciem, Indeed Labs have not only shared a controversial CEO, the science-based products are equally effective at targeting specific skin concerns. From sensitive skin, to age spots, moisture loss and wrinkles, Indeed Labs products are designed to bring real results.

BD picks: Indeed Labs Hydraluron Serum gained a cult following across the world when it first launched. It contains the purest form of hyaluronic acid, a hydrating ingredient that holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water. 

Mews Collective
Mews Collective believes that home fragrance should do more than just smell divine - it should add to the aesthetic of your home. Each of the brand's scented candles and diffusers are hand-poured into a custom-designed ceramic vessel that features a unique design, which matches the fragrance, notes and story of the perfume held within.

BD pick: Mews Collective Iris & Oud Scented Candle – the floral design on the ceramic vessel looks like a classical masterpiece. 

Image courtesy of: @indeedlabs 
Newsletter and carousel image courtesy of: @mewscollective