The beauty boosters you need to know about

For this week's Beauty 101 we're talking all things wellbeing, and the supplements and powders helping you on your way. Coming into the cooler weather, keep your health in tip-top shape with these beauty boosters.

Nature’s Way Beauty Collagen Gummies

If you’re wanting a great tasting berry flavoured, 99.8% sugar-free gummy to help nourish and assist the appearance of skin, then Nature’s Way Beauty Collagen Gummies are perfect for you. Collagen is an abundant protein in the human body, and it makes up a large part of our skin, and is known to give our skin a radiant and vibrant boost. When we’re young, our skin is soft, smooth and supple however collagen may decline with age, which is when we start to see the first visible signs of ageing. Nature’s Way Beauty Collagen Gummies with VERISOL™ bioactive collagen peptides provides a delicious way to get your burst of collagen goodness, and helps nourish and assist the appearance of skin for wellbeing and vitality.


Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare oil designed to help improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Bio-Oil has a unique formula, which contains a combination of plant extracts and vitamins suspended in an oil base. These ingredients contain skin renewing and conditioning properties, assisting in increasing elasticity, promoting the formation of new collagen and smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Unique to Bio-Oil, PurCellin Oil™ assists in the delivery of its key ingredients, making it non-greasy, easy to apply and readily absorbed into the skin. It also acts as an emollient, leaving skin smooth and supple. 

Bioglan Inner Glow Collagen Beauty Water

Bioglan Inner Glow Collagen Beauty Water helps nourish and assist the appearance of skin. It has a unique blend of ingredients, including coconut water and aloe vera for hydration, zinc and vitamin C for healing and blue spirulina for protection. It also has 2.5g of hydrolysed collagen (types 1 and 3) per serve to benefit the hair, skin and nails.


DMK EFA Ultra is a supplement that helps to maintain skin health by reducing moisture loss and supporting the skin from being compromised by environmental and lifestyle choices. The formula contains rich sources of essential fatty acids, such as vitamin E and fucoidan (derived from Tasmanian mekabu seaweed). Other key ingredients include sea buckthorn, evening primrose and coconut oils.

Rapid Loss® Meal Replacement Shakes

Rapid Loss® Meal Replacement Shakes are designed to assist with weight management, as part of the Rapid Loss® Program. Now formulated with 30 per cent less sugar, each serve with skim milk is powered with garcinia cambogia, guarana Extract and high-octane MCT oil, vitamins and minerals for boosting energy, high-protein to help build and maintain muscle and high fibre to help keep you regular. Rapid Loss® Shake is also formulated with key vitamins and minerals such as energy supplements; magnesium, iron and B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 and biotin) to help reduce fatigue and tiredness; vitamin D to help optimise normal muscle performance; vitamin C to help with production of natural collagen for beautiful skin; and both vitamin A and C to help support normal function of the immune system. 

Qsilica Skin, Hair & Nails ORIGINAL Silica Liquid

Qsilica Skin, Hair & Nails ORIGINAL Silica Liquid offers a convenient form of colloidal silica, a dietary mineral that supports skin, hair and nail health. Formulated to support from within, Qsilica oral liquid helps maintain collagen health and formation as well as supporting skin’s structure and integrity.

Swisse Collagen Glow with Collagen Peptides

Swisse Collagen Glow with Collagen Peptides are supplements that support collagen production, skin elasticity and firmness. They are enriched with grape seed and co-enzyme Q10.

Viviscal Maximum Hair Growth Supplements for Women

Viviscal Maximum Hair Growth Supplements for Women are specifically formulated to nourish hair, support healthy hair growth and combat hair loss in women with thinning hair. It contains AminoMar CTM, a proprietary marine protein complex, as well as key nutrients biotin, zinc, silica and iron to nourish the hair during the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle. 

endota spa Glow™ Super Greens

endota spa Glow™ Super Greens helps with cell protection, collagen formation, reduction of tiredness and fatigue, fat metabolism and energy production. It also assists with the healthy function of the nervous system, general wellbeing and the maintenance of beautiful skin, hair and nails. It is specially formulated with a full daily serving of super greens and plant-based proteins, as well as being naturally rich in essential vitamins.

Arbonne PhytoSport™ Prepare & Endure

Arbonne PhytoSport™ Prepare & Endure is a supplement for men and women 18 years or older that helps promote endurance in extended, high intensity exercise. It has an antioxidant blend of vitamins A, C and E to fight free radicals, botanical extracts from cayenne, ginseng and turmeric and vitamin B-12 to help support red blood cell formation and energy.