An influencer spills on balancing family and career

Rachel De Oliveira started her Instagram three years ago to document her life as a mum, as well as have a creative outlet for her love of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Below, BD gave Rachel our Fast Five:

Where did your blogging journey begin?
My blogging journey began just over 3 years ago whilst I was on maternity leave after having my two boys. I yearned for something more, not that being a mum isn’t enough! It totally is! But there was something inside me that needed to express my creative side and also help other mums out with beauty tips that I found to be effective and/or time saving. 

How do you juggle family time with work?
Some days I feel like I am failing at it miserably, other days I feel like I can take on the world! I’m not sure how to be honest. I am fortunate to work for a really great company that sees the value in work life balance. That is a huge contributor to the juggling act! I am able to work from home when I need to, which allows me to do the school drop offs and pick ups, and I also ensure that our weekends are spent with quality time together. 

How important is it to find time for yourself with your busy lifestyle; and when you can, how do you relax?
This is really high on the list for me. I find I get to relax the most once the kids are in bed. 7pm is then my time to do whatever it is that I want. A relaxing bath, Netflix, pilates and obviously I do most of my blogging in between these hours too so I think it all comes down to having a really good routine in place for the kids and for myself. 

What does your morning and evening skincare routine comprise?
It’s really uncomplicated and quick which is so important to me. Morning I cleanse in the shower, then I apply my vitamin C serum followed by SPF. At night, I remove makeup and apply my vitamin A cream and lather my lips with Lansinoh (good old nipple ointment that is AMAZING as a lip treatment).

Do you have any advice for someone trying to build a following?
It’s taken me nearly 4 years to get to 11k followers so not sure I am the right person to ask! Haha! But all I can say is I have always stayed true to myself, blogged what I am passionate about and truly believe in and my following grew organically. Just  be yourself and let your audience see the real you.