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Lauren Curtis launches major new venture

The beauty influencer and entrepreneur chatted to BD about the ins and outs of her most recent project.

The dental expert influencers choose for a camera-ready smile

Influencer, Brook Iseppi, chats to BD about her new-found confidence and why she put her trust in one of Brisbane’s top dentists.

Debunking the top four hair care myths

Does conditioner make hair greasy? What does the weather have to do with the state of your hair? Does diet really impact hair health?

BD Fast Five: Celebrity hairstylist and entrepreneur, Kristin Ess

On her recent trip to Australia, BD caught up with Ess, to find out her thoughts on starting a successful brand and how to stand out online.

Dermalogica ProPower Peel - everything you need to know about the new treatment

BD chats to Dermalogica’s education manager about the new offering.

Beauty brand founders reveal their tried & true influencer strategy

When you see a hot, new beauty product blowing up your Instagram feed, you’d be forgiven for not thinking it was developed by two 22-year-old males with no beauty industry experience – but this is exactly what’s happened with now cult-favourite clay mask brand Alya Skin.

In conversation with brow queen Amy Jean

BD chatted with ‘Arch angel to the stars’ Amy Jean to learn more about how she found her niche, the challenges she’s come up against, and what she loves about the beauty industry...

Glamazon’s Lauren Silvers has an exciting announcement

Lauren Silvers is the co-founder of Glamazon – an app which connects clients with qualified beauty professionals and hair stylists through a real-time booking app. Today, Glamazon has an exciting announcement; so BD chatted with Lauren to find out more..

Carissa Walford's advice on navigating a brand partnership

Here's how the TV presenter got a global haircare brand to trust her creative vision and more.

Media reveal: What makes a great account manager

BD interviewed a range of influencers, media and bloggers to get their point of view on what makes a great (and not-so-great) account manager.

An influencer spills on balancing family and career

This week’s Fast Five with Rachel De Oliveira of Insta Beauty Mummy

BD Fast Five with YouTube star Jasmine Hand

Meet Jasmine Hand, she’s the 22-year-old makeup artist from the Gold Coast blowing up on Instagram and YouTube. To get to know her better, BD gave her our fast five.

The magazine making over 40 fashionable

BD spoke to the editor of Renaissance about why we need a magazine for this often neglected age group.

Industry profile: Girlfriend's new editor and content director Stacey Hicks

Congratulations to Stacey Hicks, the new editor and content director of Girlfriend magazine. BD chatted with Stacey to find out a little bit more about her new role.

Sophie Cachia gives her advice on working with brands

BD chatted with Sophie on how she picks the brands she works with, and her advice to anyone who wants to build a following.

Influencer profile: Rowi Singh, the new name to know

Meet Rowi Singh, the beauty and and fashion influencer who fuses her unique and eccentric sense of style with her Punjabi Indian heritage.

Influencer Rachel Tee Tyler on how to build an Instagram following

She’s an Instagram sensation, the new face of Bonds Sweats and a total skincare junkie.

Industry profile: Natural beauty editor Shannon Dunn

BD chats with Shannon to learn more about her history in the industry, and why she chose natural beauty above all else.

Industry profile: ten daily's Kelly Baker

BD asks her everything you need to know about her new role, her top networking advice, and the best press send out she’s ever received.

Influencer spotlight: Lolita Says So's Emma Hoareau

At home and abroad: here's what the beauty blogger has been enjoying recently.

Influencer profile: beauty YouTuber Cass Sersemis

Introducing Cass Sersemis – the twenty-year-old beauty vlogger taking the industry by storm.

Influencer profile: LGBTQI+ vlogger AJ Clementine

Introducing AJ Clementine, the Melbourne-based YouTuber who in addition to vlogging about fashion and beauty, is passionate about creating a safe space for the LGBTQI+ community.

WellBeing Magazine welcomes new editor

The bi-monthly Universal Mags publication welcomes a new full time editor.

Influencer profile: FlexMami

From MTV DJ to beauty influencer, BD chats with Lil ‘FlexMami’ Ahenkan to find out what she loves about the industry.

An exciting new role for Leigh Campbell

Previously head of lifestyle at HuffPost, the experienced editor takes on an exciting new role at a well-known media network.

Meet AWW’s new beauty & health editor

BD chatted with Sharon Hunt to find out about her new role.

Industry profile: Entrepreneur and influencer Pia Muehlenbeck

BD sat down with entrepreneur and influencer Pia Muehlenbeck to hear more about her career highlights, go-to beauty products and more.

Industry Profile: professional surfer Sally Fitzgibbons

Surfing powerhouse, ten time world surf tour winner and champion of women’s health and natural living, Sally Fitzgibbons, has been named the first Australian Brand Ambassador for Burt’s Bees.

Meet Women’s Fitness’ new beauty writer

Constantina Demos has stepped into the role.

Industry profile: LUMA founder Jess Hart

Jess Hart rocked the Australian beauty industry when she launched quintessentially Aussie beauty brand LUMA in 2014. Now, LUMA is ready to introduce LUMA 2.0...


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