Glamazon’s Lauren Silvers has an exciting announcement

Lauren Silvers is the co-founder of Glamazon – an app which connects clients with qualified beauty professionals and hair stylists through a real-time booking app. Today, Glamazon has an exciting announcement; so BD chatted with Lauren to find out more.. 

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do at Glamazon?
Prior to starting Glamazon I was a publicist, who worked in both Sydney and New York, so part of my job at Glamazon is still around public relations and touch points with consumers. I am the CEO so a major part of my job is hiring the right people, ensuring the team are on track to hit milestones and culture building.

What does it take to get an app off the ground?
Five years ago, it was a lot more difficult than it is today. However, once I had found the right team to build the app itself, it was really up to my ability to grow supply and demand, which essentially comes down to branding and marketing, which came naturally to me.

What changes have you noticed about the on-demand beauty industry since launching?
When I launched Glamazon five years ago, I was really focused on the salon industry because I was a salon-lover. However, a couple of years ago, I met my future business partner and co-founder Lisa Maree, who convinced me to try a typical salon service in my home. Initially turning my nose up at the idea, I went ahead and had my hair cut and styled in my house (on a Sunday in my pyjamas I might add) and I have not gone back to a salon since! I really started to see the benefits of peer-to-peer services, such as Uber X. As retail continues to decline, I believe that at-home services will continue to grow. They are just so convenient!!

What's your special announcement?
We are so excited to educate Australian beauty enthusiasts on the convenience and affordability of at-home beauty services, that we have decided to reduce all services on Glamazon by 50 per cent for one day only, so that the Australian public can experience the simplicity and efficiency of booking premium beauty to their home, on-demand, for the same price as a salon (but you can stay in your pyjamas)!

We want women to look and feel like a celebrity, and to bring the salon to them.

Why have you chosen to do this promotion?
We truly believe, that at-home beauty services are life-changing, and we want to give Australian beauty lovers a chance to see that for themselves. In the US and UK, at-home beauty services have been the norm for over two years. It’s not just Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid and Victoria Secret models who get access to a glam squad of stylists in their private homes to make them beautiful - It's real, everyday women.

So now, we are DETERMINED to help the Australian beauty industry get with the times! 

How can users access the discount?
All our prices are automatically discounted by 50 per cent across our website and app for 24 hours so no need to use a coupon!