Oh bhave! Five minutes with bhave’s co-creators

There’s a trick to the glossy locks sported by many in the beauty media industry, and that’s a treatment from bhave. With the hair care brand recently going from strength-to-strength, BEAUTYDIRECTORY chats to co-creators Sheryl Cleminson and Michelle Noriskin about all things happening at bhave.

What are some of the recent achievements for the brand?
We feel very blessed to be reaching more customers and salons with our products. This year has seen our head office move to a space where we are hard at work creating an academy for future training and our warehouse facilities have expanded into Sydney as well as Melbourne. Every time a new salon comes on board, or a customer contacts us to tell us how much they love our products, we feel like we are one step closer to achieving what we've set out to do. This year has also seen us launch an online shop to cater for our lovely Australian customers who live remotely and are unable to access a salon to buy their bhave goodies. We are also about to launch a new product which we are so excited to bring to market!

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You are now exporting to the US and UK. What does this mean for the brand?
Hopefully, that we are able to cultivate more happy customers. Let’s face it – bad hair days have no language or geographical borders. It's an exciting prospect to think that we can export a slice of our Aussie hair culture to the rest of the world.

Are you looking to export to further countries? 
We are always open to spreading the bhave love and looking for opportunities to do so. 

Has bhave been working with any celebrity clients? 
We have been working with a number of celebrity make-up artists and hairstylists who have become big fans of bhave and have kindly introduced and shared our products with their famous clients, both locally and internationally. The feedback has been incredibly positive and while we don’t expect or solicit public accolades, Storm Keating has generously shared her love for the brand with media recently. We have it on good authority that her handsome Irish hubby is also a bit addicted to our Gunpowder!  

Has 2016 brought any exciting launches for the brand? 
It definitely has! In fact, we are just about to launch our brand new product, Super Nova.
What makes Super Nova a stand-out product?
Simply put, we believe that Super Nova has star power. Neil Cleminson, our technical and creative director, has spent months creating an all-in-one, leave-in elixir that works in a myriad of different ways to support and protect the health of our customers’ hair (as well as our own!). It packs a super powerful punch that we know our customers are going to love. 

Does bhave have any other exciting new launches in the pipeline?
We are just shy of a big reveal, but YES… we definitely have a few things tucked up our sleeves which we are currently working on behind the scenes. Watch this space, because 2017 is going to be a big and very exciting year for bhave!  
What does 2017 look like for the brand?
More growth, more innovative products and in-salon services, more opportunities to connect our customers with our much-loved salons, and continuing to bring bhave goodness to the world!