Q&A with Shiseido's Global Makeup Artist

In anticipation of Shiseido’s revamped makeup collection, BD had the opportunity to interview Teruaki Shinjo San, Global Makeup Artist for the prestige beauty brand.

Learn all about the range's revolutionary technology, textures, hero products and more below (through Shinjo's translator)

How did you begin your makeup artistry journey?

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When he was a teenager he loved to see the fashion magazine, in the 90’s, lots of bold visuals very popular in fashion. He is from the Okinawa Island where he worked as a hair stylist for 10 years, then he wanted to create the beautiful visuals himself.  So he entered the Shiseido Makeup School in Toyko called Sabfa.  After graduation he joined the Shiseido creative team, now he has been with the Shiseido Beauty Creation Centre for 8 years.

Do you have any icons that have inspired you throughout your career?

He has always admired Dick Page, former Makeup Director at Shiseido and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with him.  Also he is enjoying working with the inspirational Shiseido Centre of  Excellence in Makeup team based in New York.

What do you love most about working with Shiseido?

Because Shiseido is such an innovative cosmetic company he can be involved in the development stage of new products giving feedback on the products at early development stage.  Then he is helping to develop the tips for consumers on how to use these new products. And he gets to work with famous models and actresses to create beautiful images.

Tell us more about how Shiseido is redefining beauty?

Colour that is bold or soft, but, feels like skincare when you wear it.   This is why they say it makes the visible feel invisible.  This is because Shiseido is such an innovative skincare company, they have used all this technology in the new makeup range. It is the perfect fusion of Japanese art and science.

Talk us through the four reimagined textures: Dews, Gels, Powders, and Inks …

The Dews are very light, can be used on eyes, brow bone, cheek bone, lips anywhere to illuminate.  The Gels are have strong colour with a very smooth texture, they flow on like liquid.  The Inks is my favourite texture, the colours are very very bold and easy to use with maximum staying power.  The Powders are light as air to use and wear, the colours are true and are also long lasting.  All the of the textures can be used together in any order.

What are your five favourite products from the collection?

Aura Dew, Kajal InkArtist, Minimalist WhippedPowder Blush, Daiya Fude (face duo brush), VisionAiry Gel Lipstick

We’ve heard the packaging is just as amazing – how is it different?

The packaging is very modern Japan - minimalistic, modern, sleek in it’s design.

What sets this collection apart from other ranges?

The textures, the colours – the products are like nothing else you need to try them to understand