Everything you need to know about the brand inspiring the latest looks

A leading supplier of artificial nails, press on nail manicure kits, false eyelashes and even hair colour, KISS is the go-to brand for the latest designs, styles and colours. Trend-setters worldwide use the products to complete their looks and to stay on-point every single time.

In fact, KISS has been empowering consumers since 1989 with the freedom to “bring the salon home” and express their individual style and beauty, thanks to high quality DIY products at affordable prices.

Below, Key Sun brand manager, Kirsten Grosman reveals major insider info about the brand, why KISS products are so popular, how they go about inspiring women, upcoming beauty trends and more.

Can you please tell us a bit about KISS and its background?

KISS is an Innovative Global Leader in beauty care. KISS was founded over 30 years ago in the USA by three family members. KISS are who we are today because of the product innovation and passion of these three that continues to be communicated to all our employees and forms the KISS DNA.

What made you decide to focus on nails, lashes and hair colour specifically?

KISS has continued to grow in the USA in both the nail and lash categories. We saw the opportunity in Australia to replicate our growth in the category. Australian women want to look beautiful and KISS were glad and eager to provide innovative solutions to achieve fashion lead trends.

We introduced hair colour into the market a few years ago when we recognised the opportunity in the USA and Australia. There was a gap in the market and a need for a company like KISS whose focus is on quality, understanding the needs of consumers and evolving trends in products and ingredients.

Who is your ideal target market?

Women who are fashion conscious, following beauty trends and chasing the latest styles to complete their look. Generally 18-35.

What gap in the market are KISS products filling?

There are many innovated technologies which helps KISS to be a #1 in both nails and lashes globally. This is all about understanding the needs and thinking out of the box philosophy when it comes to products.

What hero products or ranges should the media know about?

1. KISS imPRESS Nails 

KISS imPRESS Nails  are super slim and comfortable gel nails. Featuring PureFit Technology, the nails look and feel like your own nails, and no glue is needed. They have a natural look and feel, super hold adhesive and are safe on natural nails, with hassle free removal. Chip proof, smudge proof and no dry time. Includes 30 nails, prep pad, file and wood stick.

2. imPRESS Colour Range

These fake nails feature a super hold adhesive for a polish-free mani in minutes. PureFit Technology makes them super slim and comfortable. Just press on and go. They have a natural look and feel and are chip, proof and smudge proof. No dry time or glue required. Safe on natural nails, with hassle free removal. Includes 30 nails, prep pad, file and wood stick.

3. KISS Magnetic – Eyeliner & Lash Kit

This kit contains one tube of Kiss Magnetic eyeliner and one pair of reusable lashes. Lashes have five double strength magnetics that cling to the liner like glue. The smudge-proof, biotin-infused liner has a precision tip brush. These lashes are wind-resistant and dermatologist tested.

4. KISS Tintation - Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

Kiss Tintation is a semi-permanent hair colour treatment for those who wish to be bold with their hair without compromising hair health. With 20 mixable, vivid colours to choose from, the colour possibilities are endless. 

Tintation is formulated with natural ingredients to ensure that your hair is not only vibrant, but also healthy and conditioned. To maximise treatment benefits, our first ingredient is aloe vera water instead of distilled water. Aloe vera water contains proteolytic enzymes and amino acids that repair dead cells on the scalp and maintain an optimal pH balance. Free from ammonia, peroxide and sulfates.

What are some of KISS’ most innovative technologies and what was the formulation process like?

We select our designs, styles and colours based on extensive market research, consumer surveys, feedback and trend analysis. Social monitoring in our comment sections across all social channels is also integral in getting direct and immediate responses from our most valued and loyal customers.

How do you decide what designs, styles and colours to use for your products? And how do these empower consumers to express themselves?

We provide a wide range of designs and colours, allowing the customer to choose something that fits their style needs. We believe in providing tailored solutions in an easy to use, at-home form to empower all consumers. All these can be achievable because constant interactions and listening to our customers.

In your opinion, where do you see beauty trends going in the future?

We see beauty trends becoming more personalisable and customisable, with sustainable packaging and natural ingredients that are both safe and effective.

Are there any exciting plans coming up for the brand that you can reveal?

As the main DNA of KISS is product innovation, our product team is researching, testing and looking at all aspects of innovation everyday so that when the right time comes, we will share with our partners.

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