What to expect from an injectables consultation

For someone going into a skin consultation for the first time, it can be pretty daunting not knowing exactly what to expect. With injectables in particular, it’s vital to know you’re in the right hands to avoid any complications down the line and get the best result possible.

That’s why BD has enlisted Caci’s Clinical Director Brandy Wehinger to school us on the value of a professional consultation, what to expect during the process, and how to choose a suitable clinic in the first place.

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First of all, what should someone look for when choosing a clinic for injectable treatments?

It is important to choose a clinic that is reputable and has a team that are specifically trained to perform the procedures. The cosmetic injectable industry has grown up a lot in recent years and customers expect a high level of expertise. Pick someone that you trust, is a healthcare professional and who is willing to answer your questions in detail.

What are some of the warning signs people should be look out for when making their choice?

The treatment provider should be treating and operating from a clinic that is dedicated to providing treatments. A hotel room or someone's house isn't usually satisfactory.

The treatment provider should have the correct education and training. Don't be afraid to ask. I'm never offended when a customer wants to know about our training.

If the deal or price seems too good to believe. If you are getting a bargain, make sure to ask what products are being used and the experience of the person delivering them.

How valuable is a professional consultation before receiving treatment?

When receiving cosmetic injectables it is important to understand your specific concerns, needs, medical history, suitability for treatment and expected outcomes. This is usually done by the practitioner (Registered Nurse, Doctor or Dentist) or by a treatment consultant who is trained in this process or both. At Caci we make sure to take the time to have a thorough consultation to get to know you, make sure you understand how the treatment works and of course to answer all of your questions.

Having a professional consultation helps you maximise the most benefit from treatment and helps tailor the products used and how the treatment is performed – because it is all about helping our customers to look and feel their best.  

What should someone expect during a consultation?

A consultation might sound intimidating, but an experienced consultant should make you feel at ease. They should be able to map out a series of treatments to treat your concerns and describe a treatment plan personalised for you. Although this can be a confronting process for some, know that treatment consultants are usually empathetic and are dedicated to helping you.

How flexible can treatment plans be made in terms of budget and timeframe?

Treatment plans are highly flexible. Everyone has a budget and life schedules. Let your consultant know and they will work to accommodate your needs. Do know that your treatment consultant is likely to give you the 'ideal' treatment plan to get the best outcomes possible. So, don't be shy to give them your budget. They will be happy to try and work out the best options for you.