esprit Magazine announces a massive change

esprit Magazine is thrilled to announce a very exciting change – it has been renamed from esprit to Retail Beauty

So why the change? According to the mag, it is moving with the times, and getting to the point of what it’s all about – retail beauty. esprit Magazine Australia was founded almost 20 years ago by industry icon, Andrea Ferrari, and named 35 years ago when she launched the original esprit in the UK.

"esprit was born as a glossy magazine in London in the '80s when it was avant-garde to have a fancy name for a trade magazine," Ferrari said. "Today it needs to be straight shooting and clear to convey its message in a sparkly, bulging world of media."

From its inception, esprit Magazine Australia has been the only authoritative, independent retail beauty business magazine communicating to everyone working in the retail beauty industry.

This focus has remained the same for esprit, even more so when leading publishing house, The Intermedia Group, purchased a majority stake in the magazine, and CEO Simon Grover, together with Ferrari and publisher Nicci Herrera, created Percolate Media in 2018.

"All of our B2B publications have a very loyal readership," Grover said. "We expect to strengthen those relationships for both readers and advertisers by focusing on numerous opportunities provided by new technologies, which in this case, includes a new name, look and feel."

Moving forward, every issue will still be dedicated to profiles of local and international industry heavyweights, what's trending now, marketing moves, issues affecting the industry, analysis and insights, staff training and strategies, brand profiles and the latest industry news, peer conversations and launches.

However, part of its strategy is also to embrace the opportunities presented by digital diversification. As traditional bricks and mortar stores adapt to the changing landscape, so too is the magazine.

"I'm very excited to be heading up the team as we evolve with the industry," Herrera said. "The retail beauty industry is no longer just 'hair, skin and nails'. The categories are expanding. It's hard to believe brands like Weleda have been fighting for shelf space for 100 years, whereas today, the natural, cruelty-free beauty category is a must in all areas of retail beauty."

Editor, Michelle Ruzzene, said that in a post-pandemic world, Retail Beauty was much more than a magazine. "We have a revamped website, a weekly e-newsletter, video content, a podcast, data analytics, social media channels and much more," she said.

"We remain the most trusted source of information for those in the retail beauty industry but understand our audience is consuming its content in a variety of ways. In a world full of digital and social noise, we are keeping things simple by changing our name to better reflect what we're about – retail beauty."