Lusciously 101: Delicious

IT’S 101 YUM!
Introducing this year’s sweetest new flavours.. Your lips have never tasted as sweet as this! Launching today (12th October) exclusively to Lanolips & Mecca two decadently sweet hydration hit flavours. 

101 Ointment Multi-Balm Glazed Donut
'You drive me glaze-y'

Experience the pure bliss of sinking your teeth into a glazed donut with every swipe! The World’s Best lip balm has been dipped into a warm sugar-glaze to bring you the balm
to END ALL BALMS. Captures the iconic soft, doughy texture and sweet sugary glaze, with the all-natural multi purpose hydration of our cult 101 Ointment.

101 Ointment Multi-Balm Raspberry Shortcake
'Sweet, hydrated lips? It’s a piece of cake'

Treat your lips to a burst of sweet, tangy raspberries with rich buttery shortcake goodness. This 101 Ointment will ooze berry sweetness with one swipe of pure lanolin, vitamin E plus all-natural raspberry shortcake flavour.

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