No romps in the hay for these men

It’s common knowledge that men love sex - and lots of it - but turns out that some of them would be willing to abstain if it meant regaining their hair. A global survey conducted by men's skincare brand Lab Series (Lab Series NZ) found that 16 per cent of men around the globe would rather a little less action between the sheets in favour of a little more growth on top.

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The survey questioned approximately 5400 men aged between 30 to 50 years old from 10 different countries. It was found that 85 per cent of men globally view grooming as very important, with 98 per cent of Italian men agreeing compared to 50 per cent of Japanese men.

Other interesting statistics coming from the report were that 51 per cent of participants take under five minutes to get ready, 57 per cent use women’s products, and only 11 per cent use sunscreen regularly.

When it comes to men’s biggest skincare concerns, 31 per cent cited oil, 29 per cent dryness, 26 per cent razor burn and 24 per cent wrinkles.