bdBLOG: Is stubble killing the kiss?

You’ve heard about receiving the kiss of death, but what if it’s the kiss itself that is dying a slow and painful (or at least itchy) death?  

There’s no denying that stubble on a man can look super sexy (why, hello there Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love), but there are concerns that it is coming at the expense of the kiss.

A recent survey of Canadian female adults aged 18-34 years old found that while they appreciate the aesthetics of a man with stubble, three quarters of the participants prefer to kiss a guy who is smooth or clean shaven.

This led the brand to raise the question: is kissing on the decline due to men not shaving frequently?” It may sound a little silly, but this question definitely holds some validity.

Being partial to guys that are a little rough around the edges myself, I sometimes wish that facial skin discomfort and stubble burn didn’t have to come part-and-parcel with the territory. But has it ever stopped me kissing someone? Well, honestly, probably not – but it has definitely made the experience less enjoyable.

To help discover if stubble is really killing the kiss, Gillette is holding a Kiss & Tell live experiment where girls first kiss their partner with stubble and then clean-shaven - afterwards revealing which they prefer.

If there’s one goal men across the country have in common, it’s to have an active love life – which we all know starts with a kiss,” says Gillette Canada brand manager Rob Chambers. With many men shaving less-frequently due to sensitive skin discomfort, if stubble is really impacting the kiss, we are giving women the chance to speak up and men to know.”

As sexy and masculine a man is with a bit of stubble, the question is – is it worth it for the irritated or scraped face the partner has to endure? And let’s face it, if your man is anything like Ryan Gosling (we can all wish, right?!), it doesn’t really matter if he’s donning a stubble, full beard or is clean-shaven…