Sheen Screen has had a glow-up

Ultra Violette has relaunched our OG faves, Sheen Screen™. The hydrating lip balm that just happens to also be SPF 50+. If you’ve used the OG formula before you won’t be disappointed with the juicy updates. You’ll still be getting the same nourishing formula, SPF50 protection and a stunning wash of sheer colour but now you also get a lip-hugging silicone tip applicator and a subtly-fresh peppermint scent (because who doesn't want a minty-fresh kisser?). 

Oh,and then there’s all the new shades! Say hello to four lush new additions to thelineup, including Bejewelled, Choc Top, Silk Pillow and Blow Out, as well as two cult faves with cute new names (Rose becomes Smoothie and Bite is now Last Bite).Keeping your pout safe from the sun is super important year-round (as anyonewho’s ever sported a scorched kisser will tell you), but did you know wearingSPF can also prevent any *ahem* injectable assistance your lips may have had?Yep. That’s why we’ve got SPF 50 UVA and UVB protection in every tube, to keep those lips feeling plump, hydrated and protected with an addictively glossy finish.