Triumph & Disaster aims to abolish gender labels

Modern apothecary and skincare foundry has announced a new campaign in a bid to lose the gender labels we place on beauty products. The company says their products aren’t just for men – they’re for anyone who wants natural, effective products. Founder Nash says the beauty industry tries to define everything as ‘male’ or ‘female’ when in reality everyone should enjoy products “regardless of gender, race or inclination”.

The company is launching the campaign to keep up with the times. They say the days of tolerating “man caves, man balm, man chips, and man cream” are over. Built upon embracing individuality and choice, the campaign is “a celebration of being ourselves”, says Nash. Their desire is to promote gender-neutral, ground breaking products that offer consumers genuine choice and effectiveness in a market that promotes clear gender binary. Nash says he won’t classify Triumph and Disaster’s products as strictly for males or females; instead people should use whatever they want if it works for them.

The campaign’s tagline, Ritual + Logic For a Life Run Wild, will last for 6 months, kicking off this month, and include four new product launches, press, outdoor, digital advertising and new marketing collateral.