An exciting new era for Swisse Beauty

Swisse Beauty is delighted to announce it is now being stocked at Adore Beauty, one of Australia’s leading online beauty stores.

According to the brand, this is a huge milestone as it moves into a more premium space to build even more credibility and awareness as a beauty and skincare brand.

"Our launch into Adore Beauty is such an exciting milestone and one that marks a new era for Swisse Beauty,” Swisse Beauty marketing manager, Emily Alonzo, said. “As Australia’s number one online beauty platform, Adore Beauty is a haven for beauty and skincare enthusiasts seeking out the latest innovations and we're thrilled to be able to offer them our premium, science backed range of Beauty Inside and Out products.”

As a leading beauty from within brand, Swisse perfectly aligns with Adore's focus on wellness and beauty from the inside out. The launch also reflects Swisse’s acceleration in e-Commerce and online expansion.

Adore Beauty said it is extremely excited to be able to offer its customers a leading vitamin brand in Australia, with the offered range focusing on the Beauty From Within collection, which covers beauty supplements to support healthy hair, skin and sleep.

“The Beauty From Within range also includes a new way for our customers to take their vitamins in the form of gummies – these are 99% sugar-free and taste delicious,” Adore beauty category manager, Kristy Shea, said. “We are also looking forward to ranging some of the top Swisse skincare products later this year to complete the Beauty In and Out offering.”

Our top three Swisse picks: Swisse Beauty Sleep & Renew Booster, Swisse Beauty Hair Skin Nails Gummies and Swisse Beauty Collagen Glow Powder.