Introducing Adore Beauty's ground-breaking new program

It seems Adore Beauty customers will now be rewarded with even more than delicious Tim Tams and free beauty samples – the beauty retailer has introduced its first-ever loyalty program, Adore Society.

The program, which launches on March 29, will reward shoppers for every dollar they spend on site. Customers will be rewarded with vouchers ranging from $10 to $30 a year, and express free deliveries, as well as access to competitions, member-only promotions, new products and much more.

The three-tier program will rival directly against its competitors, Sephora (Beauty Pass) and Mecca (Beauty Loop). Similarly to these programs, Adore Society will offer three tiers of loyalty levels, with a minimum spend required to reach each rank.

According to Adore Beauty’s new chief executive, Tennealle O’Shannessy, Adore Society is aimed at increasing sales over time by encouraging people to spend, which is set to increase average order value and purchase frequency.

“Adore has been rewarding loyalty for years and providing many benefits,” O’Shannessy said. “We recognised an opportunity to recognise and appropriately reward our most loyal customers with a structured loyalty program. It targets returning customers and recognises and rewards them and increases their lifetime value.”

Data from Power Retail Research has found that loyalty programs are extremely powerful incentives in retail. The study revealed that 44% of shoppers have selected one retailer over the other in favour of a loyalty program – making it a factor that drives customers to remain faithful to one brand.

Being a data-rich retailer, Adore Beauty will have a competitive advantage by utilising its insights and data to drive customer loyalty. Thanks to its engaged customer base, valuable rewards and deep insight into shopper behaviour, the retailer is expected to soon be well positioned in securing its spot as the leader in the online beauty space.