Call Time On Melanoma announces new initiative

It's the Instagram account that skyrocketed to success over the summer, and now the cooler weather is here, CTOM founder, Lisa Patulny, isn't slowing down her crusade against melanoma.

The new campaign seeks to encourage young Australians to continue wearing sunscreen through winter and isolation, as well as the importance of supporting Australian businesses, now more than ever. So CTOM has teamed up with six Aussie sunscreen brands for an amazing discount initiative that's good for your skin, and your wallet.

"When we went into lockdown I experienced a level of financial hardship that prompted me to reassess my spending habits," Patulny told BD. "I felt that if others were possibly doing the same, I should remind them that sun care is essential year-round - not a frivolous purchase."

"I wanted to see if I could make buying it that little bit easier. Happily, six wonderful Australian SPF brands came on board to offer our community 20 per cent off discount codes over winter so we could make that a reality. The response has been wonderful - I'm truly grateful to all the brands for aligning with us on this," she said.

The brands included in partnership are Aspect, Beachfox, We Are Feel Good Inc., Ultraviolette, O Cosmedics and SunSense.

The 20 per cent discount extends over a three month period, aiming to make it easier for consumers to purchase their favourite SPF (or try a new brand) and to encourage them to continue wearing through the colder months.

"The Cancer Council tells us we need to wear sunscreen on days the UV Index hits 3 or above. In many parts of the country, that happens year-round, hence the importance of wearing sunscreen even in winter," said Patulny. 

"If you're like me and don't want to bother with checking the UV Index every morning, I'd suggest incorporating it into your morning skincare routine."

The discount code across all brands is CTOM20, and any fine print is housed in an Instagram highlights folder, here. Note, this isn't an affiliate deal so CTOM receive zero dollars from the arrangement.

Click the brand name to view the We Are Feel Good Inc. and SunSense brand listings for product information and to download hi-res images.