Go-To's surprising new launch is here

When Go-To founder, and all-round beauty wizard, Zoë Foster Blake said she found eye creams "meh" and that she didn't really use them, we packed away our hopes of the peachy coloured skincare brand ever releasing one. Until today.

After countless emails, DMs, and carrier pigeons from customers begging repeatedly over the last 10 years, Go-To has delivered.

That's right, Go-To's first ever eye product is here, in the form of De-Crease, a retinal eye serum.

"I always said Go-To would never make an eye cream; I don’t use or believe in them," said Foster Blake. 

"But a vitamin A eye serum? Different story. This is a genuinely useful and effective product, with proven results."

"That’s an eye product I can get behind," she added.

So, what exactly is De-Crease? 

The clinically proven eye serum is powered by retinal and peptides to visibly firm and smooth the eye area. It helps to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet wrinkles, and improve hydration, firmness, and skin texture. 

According to Go-To, it's like a teeny little iron for your eye wrinkles. And the brand has some stats to back it up.

What's in it? 

The hero ingredient is an encapsulated, gentle retinal, a strong form of vitamin A.

The second – peptides, proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and visibly lift the whole eye area.

Honey locust extract helps to smooth crows feet and reduce the appearance of under eye bags. And niacinamide and mushroom extract help soothe, protect and intensely hydrate the skin for a softer, more plump eye area. 

Go-To being Go-To, De-Crease was still formulated to be gentle – it’s dermatologically tested and approved, and suitable for all skin types. 

Go-To De-Crease is available from January 30, 2024 and retails for $55 / 15mL. You can shop here.

Image source: gotoskincare.com.