Iconic Aussie brand relaunches

After years since the brand was discontinued, MECCA has announced kit is making its way back to shelves. 

The name may be familiar, but the new and improved kit is anything but. Exclusive to MECCA in Australia and New Zealand, the brand is a Melbourne-made curated line-up of products that are built for skin and the world it’s in. Think everyday alchemy for extraordinary skin, and time-honoured tonics for wellbeing.

Commenting on the rebirth of kit, chief officer of MECCA-Maginations, Marita Burke said kit is all about skincare that simplifies; conscious and considered formulations for all.

"We wanted to celebrate the fact that everyone’s kit is different. Skin is about so much more than what’s on the outside: it’s about who we are and how we feel as individuals," said Burke. 

"That’s why we’ve launched kit with consciously crafted formulas and a laser like focus on skin and body, with innovative new products that champion naturally-derived ingredients and new botanical technologies that will deliver on our founding promise: modern formulas for all skinkind."

The range features 15 products, including everything from washes and moisturisers to oils and tools - all formulated with none of the usual suspects, just high-quality, vegan-friendly ingredients, bringing naturally-derived goodness for face and body.

When it comes to fragrance, kit treats it as an integral, functional layer in its formulations – they're gender-neutral, multi-layered, certified 100% natural and carefully created for the body and soul.

"We searched across Australia and beyond to unearth potent plants, hard-working herbal adaptogens, oils and extracts to bring to light a highly evolved approach to skincare," added Burke. "Think lab coat meets nature."

"Take our Mineral Water Cleanser that’s infused with pure Tasmanian Spring Water (a natural source of mineral electrolytes) – or the relaxation-boosting Melatonin Night Balm that’s scented with meditative notes of myrrh, galbanum, lavender, amber and sandalwood, with a novel texture that cocoons skin in slumbery satisfaction," she said.

In terms of sustainability, kit set out to be consciously crafted on the inside and out. All cardboard cartons include FSC-certified paper stocks, free of lamination, printed with soy-based inks and are 100% recyclable. 

The majority of kit products are packaged in glass or aluminium which can be recycled and transformed into something new through MECCA’s partnership with TerraCycle.

Where plastic is unavoidable, kit partners with The Waste Revolution to offset its plastic footprint. For every kilogram of plastic used, one kilogram is collected or recycled on kit’s behalf that otherwise wouldn’t be - and the brand said this is just the beginning.

kit’s curated product offering ranges from RRP $22 AUD/$24 NZD to $45 AUD/$50 NZD. Available from Tuesday 26 July, online at kitskinkind.com.au and exclusively in all MECCA stores, mecca.com.au and meccabeauty.co.nz.

You can learn more, here.

Image source: Supplied